Top 10 Outlander Nightmare Scenarios

10. On the last page of the sixth book, Claire wakes up on 
    Craigh na Dun and discovers it's all been a dream.

9.  The Fraser's Ridge fire is started by Lizzie, now revealed
    to be the last child of Geilie Duncan.

8.  Fraser's Ridge is besieged by a horde of militant Mohawk, 
    all demanding parritch in very bad Latin.

7.  Frank's ghost starts showing up each time Claire and
    Jamie are about to mmphm.

6.  We learn from the Brian/Ellen prequel that Jamie isn't
    Brian's son at all, but the result of a quick fling Ellen
    had with Murtagh... which does rather disrupt the 
    Fraser Prophecy plotline.

5.  In setting up the pentacle for their return journey, 
    Roger and Brianna get the gemstones in the wrong order, and
    wind up in the 1500s. Oddly enough, one of their descendants
    is Red Jacob MacKenzie.

4.  Willie stays a virgin until the age of 23, when he is seduced
    by a mysterious older woman, identified only as the Grizzler.

3.  Jamie is excused from participation in the American Revolution
    due to a severe case of prostatitis.

2.  Little Jemmy MacKenzie, son of Bonnet, shows an early talent
    for his father's career path - by bumping off little Jemmy
    MacKenzie, son of William Buccleigh and Morag. Roger promptly
    vanishes in a puff of time-travel paradox.

1.  Mrs. Abernathy shoots Jamie properly, chops off Claire's head, 
    then travels to the 1980s and prevents Diana Gabaldon from 
    even starting the Books.

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