Humor Links for fans of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
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MS Jamie Fraser 1.0
the simulation for the seriously hosed

perils of parenting
how not to tell your kid he's a time-traveler...

A Kilt-Wearing Guy
a sing-along to the tune of American Pie

Top 10 Outlander Nightmare Scenarios
a choice selection of horrible thoughts for your enjoyment

scenes we'd really like to see
the unlikely, improbable, and completely impossible...

Outlander (Cross Stitch) Crossword
(68 Kb JPEG file) and the answers.


Dragonfly in Amber Crossword
(103 Kb JPEG file) and the answers.



Ladies of Lallybroch Archives - including:

Musings from DianaGabaldon list - including:

  • suggested T-shirts for our favorite characters
  • Traveling Through Time: a Hosed Singalong
  • Top 10 reasons why Claire is better than Scarlett
  • Top 10 ways to get your Outlander fix at work

Bedbugs in Treacle by Nonnie: hilarious parody of a "typical" scene from Dragonfly in Amber

Hooked on the Sidekick by Katta - a song for Fergus, to the tune of Hooked on a Feeling.

Time Travel Adventure by AAR Managing Editor Blythe Barnhill: a purple prose parody

Broch Mordha page

  • Top 10 ways you know you're reading Outlander way too often
  • the real story of how Jamie got the hickeys

Outlander: the Soundtrack
if our favorite characters did cover versions...

Outlandish Graffiti
it isn't mentioned much in the Books, but we know it was there...

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