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    Russian Feminism Resources
Women in Other Post-Communist States
Страны СНГ и ближнего зарубежья

This is a very brief, selective list; just trying to give a couple of decent pointers for each country. If you want more, the Center for Civil Society International maintains an extensive list of women's groups in the Former Soviet Union, with descriptions and contact details.
The Network of East-West Women has also created a women's organizations list, for East-Central Europe and the FSU, with some descriptions and e-mail addresses.
The Soros Network Women's Program provides a Directory of National and Regional Women's NGOs, listed by country or by category.

General resources for the post-communist states
Women 2000: An Investigation into the Status of Women’s Rights in the former Soviet Union and Central and South-Eastern Europe. By the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. Full text online in Acrobat PDF format, in chapters by country.
Building Feminism From the Ground Up - Belinda Cooper reviews the state of women in Eastern Europe. (Civitas webzine, September 1997)
Male Economies and the Status of Women in the Post-Communist States - Another useful overview article, by Suzanne LaFont, Ph.D.
Women and the Negotiation of Identity in Post-Communist Eastern Europe by Gail Kligman.
Plight in Common? Women’s Studies in the New Democracies by Elzbieta H. Oleksy
To be or not to be a "feminist"? - Piroska Markus on cultural imperialism by Western feminists toward women in the East. (The New Presence, November 1999)
Gender Minefield: The Heritage of the Past Edit Andras on attitudes to feminism amongst art communities in former Eastern Europe. (January 2000)
Access to Gender-Sensitive Higher Education in Eastern and Central Europe by Laura Grunberg
Central and East European Network for Gender Issues
Women's / Gender Studies Association of Countries in Transition
The KARAT Coalition - women's NGOs across the region

Afghanistan RAWA
The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan is an independent anti-fundamentalist group.

Buried Alive: Afghan Women Under the Taliban
"Female education, from kindergarten through graduate school, banned. Employment for women, banned." Article by Jan Goodwin from On the Issues, Summer 1998.

Between Here and There: Feminist Solidarity and Afghan Women by Shahnaz Khan (Genders No. 33, 2001)

Women's Legal Group
Twelve Albanian women's groups have joined forces to work for legislative change.

Women in Albania: opportunities and obstacles by Diana Ciuli

Women's Organizations in Albania

Armenian International Women's Association
A well-developed, informative web site maintained by Karen Merguerian in New Jersey, USA.

CDCS Scientific Women's Council
Based in Yerevan, an NGO working for democracy and women's rights. Contact Svetlana Aslanyan at aslanys@freenet.am

Women's Groups in Azerbaijan
The Center for Civil Society International provides a list of independent women's groups which have formed in Azerbaijan in recent years. No descriptions, just contact details.

First feminist digest published in Azerbaijan
About the Femina monthly digest, and how to subscribe.

Azerbaijan Women and Development Centre

Women in Azerbaijan Overview and USAID case study.

Baltic States
страны Балтии
Baltic Feminist Research, Library and Information Services
Project at Lund University, Sweden: aims to cooperate with feminist researchers in the Baltic countries.

EMILJA: The Baltic and North West Russian Database for Women's Studies and Gender Research
stores comprehensive information on over 50 organisations, programs, units, networks and projects related to Women's Studies, Gender Research and women's issues located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and North West Russia. From the Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research.

Union of Baltic Cities Women's Network

Baltic/Nordic Network - Women and Disability

Belarussian Women (English)
Женщины Беларуси в зеркале эпохи (Russian)
Great site! Detailed articles on women's history, women and education, the economy, mass media, politics; women's health; women and violence; the women's movement in Belarus, past and present.

Women's Education and Counseling Centre (E)
Женский образовательно-консультационный Центр (R)

Женский Институт ЭНВИЛА (R)
Envila Women's College (E)

Минский центр гендерных исследований
Minsk Center for Gender Studies

Bosnia Women for Women: Project Bosnia-Herzegovina
An inter-faith, non-profit, humanitarian organization, helping women regardless of their nationality or religion.
Women's Studies Program of BSRCS
carries out research on women in different ethnographic settings, provides support to self-help groups in rural areas and students interested in women's studies and gender issues.

Domestic Violence in Bulgaria
Report by the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 1996

Women's Alliance for Development
The WAD is a non-profit organization which aims to facilitate women's networking and information exchange. It has established a Resource Centre and a network of 19 women's NGOs in Bulgaria.

Loving, but Poor: Motherhood after Communism
Article by Peter Kanev on the changes the post-communist period has brought to mothers of young children in Bulgaria.

Central Asia
Центральная Азия
Женщины Шелкового пути Silk Road Women (in Russian)
"На сервере вы найдете всю информацию о женском движении Центральной Азии, публикации по гендерным вопросам, новые имена и контакты". Проект Феминистской Лиги Казахстана. This site has a great deal of information about the women's movement in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

Gender in Development
Launched in late 1998, this site reports on the gender activities of the UNDP Regional Gender in Development Program in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey. Contains information on women in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Women in Central Asia: Continuing Change in the Post-Soviet Era
report of an IREX policy forum in November 1997, featuring six women from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

Women in Central Asian Society
by Dr M. Tokhtakhodzhaeva, Women Against Fundamentalism Journal no.4 1992/1993

B.a.B.e. (Be Active, Be Emancipated)
A strategic group located in Zagreb, Croatia, which works for the affirmation and implementation of women's human rights. Well-designed and informative web site in Croatian and English.

NONA Multimedia Women's Center
A Croatian women's center located in Zagreb - with a multitude of activities, including support services, a library, an art gallery. This site has information about other Croatian women's groups and plenty of online art from the women of NONA.

Czech Republic
Чешская республика
an independent webzine about women, men, feminism, and gender studies. In Czech and English.

International Women's Network
provides dialogue, exchange of information, experiences and activities among those interested in women's changing role in society.

Prague Gender Studies Centre
Good concise set of pages with pictures and descriptions of the Centre's activities and library.

Czech Feminist Trailblazers

Why Western Feminism Isn't Working in the Czech Republic by Jirina Siklova.

Estonian Women's Studies & Resource Centre (ENUT)

Women’s organizations as part of the third sector in Estonia

Former Yugoslavia
Women, State, and Culture in the Former Yugoslavia
Outstanding site: includes latest news, bibliography, and many links to more information on women in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosova, Macedonia, Slovenia.

Autonomous Women's Center Autonomni Zenski Centar
Joint website of various women's groups from Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro. Includes news, directory, and history of the women's movement. (In Serbian and English)

Women's Initiative for Equality
Website of a women's organization in Tbilisi. Take a look at their Publications Archive and the Directory of Women's NGOs in Georgia.

Gender Studies Program in Tbilisi

MONA: Foundation for the Women of Hungary
In English and Hungarian. Includes research papers and articles.

Program on Gender and Culture
Description of courses available at the Central European University.

Pure Relationships: the search for love among Hungarian academic women by Maj Olsen, University of Copenhagen.

The Taste of Disillusionment: women's perspectives in Hungary before Beijing
by Judit Acsady, Feminist Network, Hungary; writing in the Young Women and Democracy newsletter.

Najada женская сеть Алматы
Najada is a network of women's NGOs in Kazakhstan. Website in English and Russian.
Women in Kosova
Brief report on the situation of women in Kosova and current activities of women's organizations there. Email contact: I.ROGOVA@zana-pr.ztn.apc.org

Motrat Qiriazi (Society for Education of Women)
Women's group based in Prishtina, working mostly with rural women in the areas of health and education.

Women for Women: Project Kosova

Women's Organizations in Latvia

Women's NGOs in Latvia

Ingrid Karklins
Latvian musician Ingrid Karklins and her band Backbone are based in Texas, and this is a visually stunning web site.

Lithuanian Women's Net
women in small and medium business

Women's Issues Information Centre
is the national information service on the position of women; based in Vilnius. Its main aim is to "ensure that women's and gender issues remain high on the national agenda, at both policy and operational levels." Website in English and Lithuanian. Searchable database of women's groups.

Women’s/Gender Studies in Moldova

Abortion in Moldova (IPPF, 2000)

Gender Center for Sustainable Development
Detailed website in English, with information about women's groups and activities in Mongolia.

The Gobi Women's Project (UNESCO)

Polski Serwis Kobiet
Polish Women's Web: big, diverse site! All in Polish, apart from a description page in English.

Women's Rights Center / Centrum Praw Kobiet
based in Warsaw, focusing on legal issues and women's human rights. Site in Polish and English.

OSKa - Osrodek Informacji Srodowisk Kobiecych (Polish)
OSKa - National Women's Information Center (English)
This NGO operates an extensive information network on all issues related to women in Poland: legal issues, policy development, economic situation, media coverage, public opinion, activities of non-governmental organizations.

Maria Nurowska: a portrait of a woman writer
article by Dr Lila Zarnowski, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

ANA: Romanian Society for Feminist Analysis
publications and activities of Romania's first feminist organization. Site in Romanian, English, French. Includes the AnALize feminist studies journal. Email contact: ana_saf@anasaf.ro

Gendering Education in a Subtle Sexist Country by Laura Grunberg

Romanian LesBiGays on the Internet

Women's Studies Center Centar za zenske studije

This is the Lesbian working group of the Arkadija Lesbian/Gay organization, founded in 1990 and based in Belgrade. The Labrys page contains a report on the status of Lesbians in Serbia.

Feminist Resistance to War and Violence in Serbia

City of Women
"An organisation - an annual international arts festival - a site for women in the arts - a manifesto - a provocation - a place on the map". This group organises a Women's Arts Festival every October in Ljubljana.

an outstandingly gorgeous zine! Lesbian political/cultural review, in Slovenian.

Women's Policy Office
National government-sponsored women's organization. In Slovenian and English.

Khujand Women Center
description and contact details for an NGO involved in counselling, training, information and research.

Directory of Women's Organizations in Tajikistan

Where Have All the Women Gone?
Increasing Women's Representation in Parliamentary Bodies in the Former Soviet Union: The Case of Ukraine - paper by Marina Tserkonivnitska, from the Gender and Global Change Program, Cornell University, March 1997.

Как правая и левая рука — твоя душа моей душе близка
Заметки с конференции «Гендерная демократия — стратегия XXI века» 25 мая 2000г. "А ведь это — основа основ жизни человека, всех ее аспектов: экономического, политического, семейного, сексуального. Огромное количество социальных конфликтов происходит из-за незнания основ гендерной демократии и гендерной культуры".

Kharkov Center for Gender Studies (English)
Харьковский центр гендерных исследований (Russian)
Both an NGO and a university program. Runs a Gender Studies email list.

La Strada Ukraine preventing trafficking in women

Women's Organizations in Ukraine: Genesis and Typology
by Anna Syomina from the Mama-86 group, on the Young Women and Democracy site.
Also at this site is an article on Women and Voluntary Activities in Ukraine: A Historic Outlook by Svetlana Kupryashkina, from the Center for Women's Studies, Ukraine.

Women's NGOs in Ukraine: A Tale of Two Publics: a Kennan Institute lecture by Alexandra Hrycak, October 30, 2000

The Gender Monitor
English-language review of women-related stories in the Ukrainian press, published by the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research. Read the September 1997 and October 1997 issues online.

Vyshyvanky: Ukrainian Cross-Stitch Page
all about traditional embroidery, in Ukrainian and English. Created by Svetlana Tkachenko.

Report on the Status of Women in Uzbekistan
Full text, in Acrobat PDF format.

Доклад о положении женщин в Узбекистане (в формате Аdobe Acrobat PDF)

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