Temples Outside India

Most of the Hindu temples are located in India. For the Hindus who live outside India, it will be of great help if they can locate a Hindu temple to that is near to them. That is the main intention of this page. Please send the information about the temples that you know/visit outside India. The following information will be appreciated.

Location: Information about the country, city where the temple is situated.
Description: A brief description of the deities and any other information about the temple.
How to go: The way to reach the temple from any major location in the city.
Important festivals:
Temple timings: The timings during which the temple will be open and the puujaa timings
Contact address and Phone numbers:
Any other relevant information

Mail these information to saran@shaivam.org

You can find a list of lot more temples in

Build Temples in Agamic way - a thought on temple consturction.
Temples of India

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