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Welcome to my site. My image is from an Epson PhotoPC 850z camera, retouched in Adobe PhotoShop v5.5, then saved as a jpg image.

This is Dakota. Dakota enjoys being outside where he can keep track of the rabbits and other passersby. He is very quiet! Normally, you do not know that he is around. He replaced my 135# golden retriever who died at 12 years of age. Dakota is a 51# Siberian Huskie.

My personal situation has recently changed. The good looking girl is my wife. We were recently married in a very small church ceremony. Only family, kids and my brother her sister, attended. We had a reception in our recently completed 30 x 40 two story barn. (I needed a play house other than our main residence. She was agreeable!)

The bridal party and preacher.

Forward together!

The following link will show you what the weather is like in my area Flint Bishop Airport Weather . The following link will allow you to get weather for any location in the United States.NOAA Weather

A bit of knowledge about time. Time.

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A unique link! This link is very, very useful. Dr. Bloomfield has created a truly unique site, chock full of very interesting information. How Things Work

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TIPtoP - The Internet Pilot to Physics



Keck I (l) and Keck II (r) at 13,603 feet elevation on Mauna Kea, island of Hawaii. The
volcano, Haleakala on the island of Maui, appears between the two domes.