with a little bit of music and politics

Hi folks, I play football, rave, babble and dribble like a man grown old before my time. Right now consider yourself mon ami consider yourself at home in my gaff (PAD/home/habitat) in Athens in Geo-city and I've just gone into the kitchen to put on the coffee for us

.... in the meantime why don't you have a read of Web DOS. Remember there is (or shouldn't be) any laws in Cyberspace and your time is your own to take it easy

.....If your connecting from Dublin get my radio show on PowerFM every Sunday morning


This is the web version of DOS 4 a zine I produce on occasion, feel free to browse or hey, e-mail me a submission....

Anarchist papers

I write and help distribute a number of Irish Anarchist papers, some of which are here.

Links to other sites on the Web


Soviet_Pop's Anarchism & Womens liberation web page

Burn! a graphic orientated site with lots of posters from the Spanish revolution

Living in Athens I'd have to have at least one Greek anarchist site.

Chumbawamba - the anarchist band

Zion Train

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