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I hail you all, folk. This place was meant to be a serious attempt to start a community interested in formal poetry, in any language. Albeit, it has failed completely, and I hardly take it any seriously any longer; you may still write me on literary topics, though, and I shall take that seriously. Moreover, this is the only place on the net you will ever find Provencal middle-age poetry (like you cared; although, I would point out that, through this page, any American college student could brag "I've read troubadouric poetry" with his teachers). All the works by my namesake Arnaut Daniel that have resisted the scourge of Time (as the poet hath it) are to be found here. Other Provencal authors are soon to show up, most likely. Eventually, also the ultimate on-line reference for European prosody, as applied or appliable to English is here, though not yet complete. Thanks, Arnaut

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