Hi! Here in warm, friendly Barbados where I live, my home is open for anyone to drop in for a drink or a snack, anytime!

I love playing guitar and singing, horseback riding, (though I haven't done much for awhile), walking on the beach in the moonlight, listening to romantic music and writing. I have just completed a book entitled, "Isn't Life Strange!" Click here to read a chapter from my new book.

I teach students to be Radio Broadcasters. To download a free preview of our course for PCs just click here.

To download a free preview of our course for Macintosh computers click here.

To learn more about my tiny, friendly, tropical island home, just click on the link to Beautiful Barbados.

This is our National Flag, portraying the broken trident, having become Independent from Great Britain in 1966.

I also enjoy discussions about science and the ultimate destiny of man.

Here's a little scientific information for you:

Scientists say the diameter of the sun is 865,000 miles, it's temperature at the surface is about 9,980 degrees Farenheit (5,530 Celcius), and at the center, 27,000,000 F (15,000,000 C.) It's amazing how they are able to calculate these things from way down here on the Earth!

The sun is composed of about 70% hydrogen and 30% helium, with other elements making up less than 1%.

The sun's energy is generated by nuclear fusion reactions that turn hydrogen into helium at its center. The gas core is far denser than mercury or lead on earth.

The sun is about 4.7 billion years old. Scientists claim that one day, the sun will burn itself out. When that happens, all life on earth will cease to exist. However, we need not be too alarmed about that, as they say it's not likely to happen for another 5.3 billion years! //

Have you ever wondered about the purpose for your life? The real reason you were born? If you are a real thinking person, I'm sure you have. If you have become dissatisfied with the things you have heard about God and religion over the years and would like to learn the truth about it all just click here.

Visit NASA and view Pathfinder's GREAT photos from Mars. (If it's busy, just try again later).

For those interested in outer space and the galaxies of the Universe, visit NASA's Astronomy Archive of the Universe.

Now, if you'd like to listen to the voice of a professional American Broadcaster, in Real Player format,and one of the world's best speakers, just click here.

To listen to the voice of the man known as the world's best narrator, Alexander Scourby, just click on this link to the AudioBible.

If you have any questions or comments to make, I'd love to hear from you, just click on my E-mail address at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, enjoy visiting the links and downloading the GREAT software provided for you.

If you are a Bible student you may find this book interesting - The Book of Enoch.

If you enjoy reading thought-provoking books, download this one here, it is considered by many to be the 2nd most important book in the universe: Mystery Of The Ages.

Here's where you can search the Bible and see what it says about various topics. Simply enter the topic you would like to research and press the search button.

What the Bible Says
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Let me know if you find the above search form useful. Just click on the E-mail address at the bottom of the page.

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Come visit Beautiful Barbados, my island in the sun.
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Download the BibleViewer for Macintosh

If you're not interested in Radio Broadcasting, this web page is not for you! However, if you are interested, or want to learn some more about this exciting field of work, read on and I'll tell you something about it.

Radio Broadcasting is an integral part of our lives today - at the simple flick of a switch, we can bring performances of some of the world's top entertainers right into our own homes, automobiles, offices, or for that matter, anywhere we may choose to listen to them. It's difficult to imagine that less than a hundred years ago, Radio did not exist anywhere in this world!

We have certainly come a long way since December 12th, 1901, when, after innumerable difficulties had been encountered and overcome, the first radio signals, (the famous "S" signals of the morse code), were received in Newfoundland, from Marconi's station in Cornwall, England, enabling the young inventor to prove that radio waves could pass without hindrance, from the Old World to the New, and most importantly, that they could be bent around the spherical shape of the earth!

Since 1901, the art of Radio Communication advanced by leaps and bounds. There were many scientists and inventors who contributed to this rapid advance, but perhaps the most far-reaching of all was that made by Sir Ambrose Fleming in 1904, the radio valve. This, one of the most remarkable of man's inventions, was destined to eventually make possible, the transmission of high-quality speech and music, and thus lead to the broadcasting of news and entertainment, which began in England in 1920, and is now an almost essential part of ordinary civilized life.

Today, Radio Broadcasting encompasses the whole world...and beyond, even making it possible for scientists here on earth, to communicate easily and effectively with those courageous individuals involved in the Space Program, as they conduct tremendously challenging and valuable technological and scientific work in outer space.

Needless to say, with a background such as that, it is clear that anyone who chooses the interesting and exciting field of Radio Broadcasting as a career, has chosen an honorable occupation indeed!

There are few, if any, more rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable careers than that of a Radio Broadcaster, and I would be happy to give helpful information and advice to anyone who may be interested in pursuing this enjoyable and challenging field of work.

Many people want to know if they have a good enough voice to be an announcer. They want to know if they have to go to College and study Broadcasting or what. They want to know how to start.

Well, if you're really interested, a great way to start is to enroll in the BROADCASTERS' CORRESPONDENCE COURSE now available by E-mail, covering all you need to know to be a Radio Broadcaster. It also includes an authentic Announcer's Audition Test to practice on. To go there, just click on this icon

I'll try to add some more links to good radio, and good freeware sites later. (This page is still under construction)

Also, if you are planning a vacation here in sunny Barbados and would like to arrange good accomodation, I'd be happy to assist.


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