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Copyright Lark Ritchie 1996-1998. A lot of people ask me for links to their pages. I would like to explain why some links do not appear here. Links are like trail blazes. They point a visitor in a worthwhile direction. (That's the intention of a good guide.) I DO stay away from commercial sites. You can find them anywhere....

Since volumes of links would only confuse those searching for value, I am selective. That is not to say your pages are not of value; they are personal expressions of yourself and your philosophy. Some happen to exemplify high ethical, moral, and compassionate ideals. These are the pages that I would consider pointing out to my son or a good friend for the purpose of learning or reinforcing.

My own pages are here to promote a value system that has in many cases been lost because our society has come so far from daily contact with nature. Although subtle, things have become confused; values distorted... I hope to influence you as a visitor, and to point you to ideas that allow you to promote Good Hunting. The links that appear here are those that align with the mission of this website. Read on, and Good Hunting!
Lark Ritchie

Hunting Links

Hunters For The Hungry

Hunting Ethics Derek Larson's Hunting Ethics Page.

More Links on Ethics

Bowsite's Message to the Undecided Page.
Big Game Hunters Forum

The Pro/Anti Hunting Reader Links

Random Ordering for a Non-Biased Read...

New Jersey's Bear Problem

An Introduction to Bear Hunting

Wishes and Controversy

Jim Powlesland's Collection Re Hunting Ethics Best Collection of Thinking On the Net...

Bowsite's Message to the Undecided Public...

Hunter Harrassment

The Animal Rights Movement. A Threat To Culture?

A Sampling of Activist Material

Animal Rights Vs Animal Welfare - a distiction (good article, but solicits membership...)

Article on FRIENDS OF ANIMALS raided for keeping fifty animals in family residence (from Timmins Daily Press)

Article on Bear Removal Hurting Population, Shooting of Bears in City (Timmins Daily Press)

A good book for all of us...

Another Ethics Site

What they Say About Hunting...

Organizations - Pro & Con...

Defenders of Wildlife

Understanding Propaganda can help the Hunter...
Take a hard look at these pages, and think about how the tree and bunny huggers portray sportsmen (and women)... Think hard about how you act, and portray yourselfs in light of these tactics... Become an honourable hunter..

A Manual For Activists Of All Sorts

On Firearms Ownership In Canada..

National Firearms Association (Canadian)

Ottawa Citizen, July 23, 1997...

Other Thought Provoking Pages...

Jason Stechschulte has a copy of the hunter's code stored at his site...

The Resurgence Of a Hunter Culture

The following hunter pages illustrate the change to what I have been pro/fess/moting since the early eighties. There is still very little stuff on the net (like Jim Powlesland's Hunting Page,above) but things are changing...

If you are a hunter... think about how these people portray themselves... then act accordingly... -- Lark...

Chris Raving's 'Why I Hunt' Pages

Why We Hunt - Missouri Department of Conservation
In terms of human time, we've only recently domesticated animals; for most of our history, the meat people have eaten was taken from the carcasses of wild animals they captured and killed. Social anthropologists maintain that our unique and complicated social organization and language evolved because coordination and communication were necessary to successfully hunt large and dangerous game. Hunting may have also spurred our aesthetic impulses...

Bill Arnold's Pages
From an e-mail to me from Bill...
When I decided to do a web page, My goal was to help anyone, whether they be an experienced hunter or a new hunter, learn about hunting elk. There are so many pieces to the puzzle, I was hoping to place a few of them on my pages for all to learn from.

I am a self taught hunter and am hoping that some of the info I have can benefit others. I truly hope that it does in the way that my site is set up. I hope that my pages show that hunting is an ethical sport and wish to instill safety also. Hunters will always be out there that will take the long and hard shots, and that is the basics behind my sight-in page, to at least help them to properly do that without the risk of just wounding the animal and causing suffering. They will take those shots any way, this is my way of hopefully helping the animal as well with a clean shot.

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