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Dedicated to the town where I was born. A little Northern Ontario community of 2900 people, called Chapleau, Ontario.

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First, A Little History Of The Town

Presented by Hugh Kuttner. (Click on 'History', above. - Use your 'Back' button to return here.)
Hugh runs a tourist outfit called Pellow's cottages. Years ago, when I was in grades 3 to 5,(1958 - 1960) I spent the months of May and June with my family at these cottages. My dad guided a spring bear hunt, and my mom acted as cook for the guests. It was my introduction to guiding and customer service, and I still have memories of the place, and many of the people who hunted with us. My father also built Hugh's Chapleau office/boathouse while the business was owned by it's former owner, and I remember playing in the structure as it was being built.

You can order microfilmed documents of the Chapleau Sentinel Newspaperhere (Canadian Newspapers on Microform Held by the National Library of Canada.)
1981- 1982
1964, 1985 - 1997


Hudson Bay Company Archives
If you want detailed records (1888 - 1900) about the Chapleau Hudson's Bay Post, try this link. The Hudson's Bay Company Trading Post was located a few miles east of Chapleau, off the Chapleau River, in Mulligan's Bay. (My brother and his wife have a cottage that looks out on this site. The site, locally called "The Old Fort," is on the east side of the bay, and currently hosts a buildings constructed between 1958 and 1968 by Bill Ritchie, my father. The site was owned by Mr. Reg Thrush, during that time, and our family rented the premises between 1963, and 1983, operating a hunting lodge at that site. My father told my three brothers and myself of finding several artifacts when he was a boy. Founded in 1670, the Hudson's Bay Company's (HBC) chief interests for its first two centuries were the fur trade, exploration and settlement. After 1870, when its territory of Rupert's Land was incorporated into the Dominion of Canada, its interests became more varied. Today, as Canada's largest non-food retailer, it is best known for its national chain of department stores.


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Louis Hémon was a French writer born at Brest, France in 1880. He died in Canada at Chapleau (Ont.) in 1913. He studied law at La Sorbonne in Paris. He spent eight years in England before going to Canada in 1911, where he lived in Montréal and on a farm at Péribonka (Lac Saint-Jean). In his short career, he wrote several books and articles. Hémon is famous for: Maria Chapdelaine : récit du Canada français, published for the first time in 1916

WELLINGTON CLARKE, From Arnprior. came to his death December 7, 1919.(Article mentions Chapleauites, Mr. and Mrs Frank Smith,Chas Smith, Mr and Mrs.Vincent Fitzgerald, as well as a letter from Chapleau Methodist minister, Thomas White.)

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BEACOCK, F/L Grant Colville (C11994)

COLLINGS, WO1 Baisel Benjamin (R117346) - Distinguished Flying Cross

FREEBORN, F/O Donald Boyd (J35289) - Distinguished Flying Cross

McDONALD, F/O Lloyd George (J14218) - Distinguished Flying Cross


(This one takes a while to load.)This fellow's mother (Louisa Saylors) was my grandmother's (Bella Ritchie, nee Saylors) sister. A cousin of Mr. Byce lived right next door to our family. Today, that cousin's son still lives there.

Other Chapleau People of Interest

Robert Holding
In 1864, Robert Holding, a young English adventurer, was shipwrecked with 24 others on the Auckland Islands in the sub-Antarctic ocean south off New Zealand. Rescued a year later, only two of his shipmates were taken off the island with him, the rest perished. He and his family came to Canada in 1888, following the Canadian Pacific Railway north to Chapleau, to become one of the district's first school commissioners. Robert Holding's story is now in print called 'The Wake of The Invercauld.' He made his home in Chapleau, his final resting place.

Mansel Robinson

Mansel has worked in small theatres across Canada as a technician, stage manager and technical director. Mr Robinson holds a MA in English from Concordia University. His plays include Standing With the Children: The Political Life of J.S. Woodsworth and Colonial Tongues. Collateral Damage was the 1993 recipient of the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild Award for full-length drama. He was raised in Chapleau, Ontario, and currently lives in Saskatchewan.Plays include "The Heart As It Lived", and "The Education Of Annie McBride"

Armand Ruffo

A 'Canadian Writing and the Literatures of the First Nations' instructor at Carelton University, and native writer, poet, and playwright, has written a book on Grey Owl (Englishman Archie Belanhey) who lived at Biscotasing, near Chapleau and other works such as 'Opening in the sky'.

Betty Albert-Lincez "Wabimeguil"

If you have been to Keewadin Casinos, or one of several Native Canadian Art Suppliers, you will have seen this person's work.


Jason Ward

Jason Ward, of Chapleau, Ontario was 11th pick in the first draft by Montreal Canadiens in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. NHL.com covered the 35th entry draft live from the Pittsburgh Civic Arena on Saturday, June 21.Ward was ranked 6th on Central Scouting's mid-term report, his final ranking is 4th. He served as an assistant captain of the Otters in 1996-97 ... Jason was selected by the HOCKEY NEWS as one of the top 10 junior players in the world ... His family moved to Oshawa, where he began playing his minor hockey, at the age of seven ... Is an accomplished lacrosse player, being ranked the top player in Ontario for his age group at one time. (My brother, Allan Ritchie, played Junior "B" hockey with Jasons father.)

Sportszone Scouting Report...
Article, Feb. 12, 1997
An Update on Jason...
Jason Ward Article, The Sporting News, June 24, 1997
Sportszone Article, Aug. 16, 1997...

Ron Schock
Born in Chapleau, December 19, 1943, Ron was a speedy center developed in the Bruins junior system. A key member of the 1963 Memorial Cup winning Niagara Falls Flyers, he jumped to the NHL after leading the Flyers to the 63-64 OHA title. He was drafted by St. Louis June 6, 1967 in the Expansion draft. His brother Dan, was also a Bruin.


Dr. Vince Crichton
Another local Chapleau boy, now an internationally recognized Canadian wildlife biologist. His father, Vince, a conservation officer, also published a book about Pioneering in the North. My first encounter with the elder Vince was as a boy in the Chapleau public Library in the 1950's. He introduced me to Audubon's bird paintings.

Shania Twain's Other Relatives (The Nashville Collection - Article)
Shania Twain grew up where I am living now, in Timmins Ontario.(A cousin of mine is married to a cousin of hers...)

Another Shania Twain Article From Primebeat

Areas Of Interest Near Chapleau

The Potholes Provincial Park
was discovered by my father and a hunting party while tracking a bear. Dad tried to buy the site, but after a required physical survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources (then called the Department of Lands and Forests,) the parcel of land was recognized as something more valuable that a commercial site, containing interesting formations carved out of the rock by water erosion. If you are driving highway 101 west from Chapleau to Wawa, it is well worth the stop to take it in.

Technology - Energy

Chapleau's Electricity Co-Generation Plant
The Ontario Ministry of Energy encouraged the private sector to get involved in making Ontario more energy-efficient. An example of this policy involved the $10 million industrial cogeneration project in Chapleau, the government had invested $1 million towards the construction of this plant converting more than 100,000 tonnes of wood waste into 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. This wood-burning electrical plant entered into a Parallel Generation Agreement with Ontario Hydro. Furthermore, the economic feasibility of the project was enhanced when Ontario Hydro agreed to purchase all the electricity at favourable new rates. The Chapleau facility demonstrated the commercial market for energy-from-waste technology, and there were suitable economic opportunities for entrepreneurs in the private sector. (from ONTARIO'S ENERGY POLICY IN REGARDS TO CANADA'S DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL RESOURCES

Tour Chapleau's Co-Gen Plant Here!...

Chapleau Cree First Nation (My Home Band)

A fairly new settlement near Chapleau. Click here to visit them...

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