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These kind words from visitors keep me adding to my pages. It's nice to be appreciated!!! Thank you....

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My name is Björn Sundgren and I work as a game manager in northen Sweden. I found your site on the internet and just have to write you to tell you how I feel. I only hope that the thoughts you have will be spred around the world, and if more hunters approached hunting the way you do, the antis would have a hard time!

You have given me a lot of reading to make my own agrument about why and how we hunt better. I have also spred your www-address around in my organisation (Swedish association for hunting and wildlife management), and it has been appreciated!

Thanks again for a great site

Look us up at this site...

This is the part of our site that is in english.

Björn Sundgren,

Your hunting themes page is the most well-written, thoughtful, informative and moving page I have seen since I began my "internet travels" in 1994. Thank you for posting it. You ought to write a book.

Dolores Farmer,

Lark, I really enjoy your web page.
Especially the hunting themes and your ability to articulate in words hunting ethics and philosophy. I write a small newsletter for our local bow club and would like to include some of your writtings with you properly credited. I wouldn't include any without your permission. I'd appreciate you visiting my web page and look forward to reading more of your work.

Tuck Williams aka.Bearman,

Wow! I'm impressed. I came across your site through someone's link to your hunting page.
I was amazed at your thoughts about hunting and the ethics about it. It all made perfect sense after reading through them. I've always tried to figure out and understand both the hunter and those who oppose hunting. I grew up hunting and don't want to see the Anti's take the that privilege away. I want to be able to take my children (if I ever have any) out in the woods and teach them about how we're not out there to kill but to take. To show them that we must have respect for the animal we take. If you don't mind I would like to put a link on my page to your page. Keep up the good work and happy trails.

Derek Anderson (aka Skeeter)

I have looked at some of what you have available on the Internet and must take a moment to reflect and express my thoughts. The breadth and depth of your experience intrigue me almost as much as your ability to express and communicate "who you are" in such a pleasant manner. Keep up the good work.I was most intrigued with your interests in psychopathic personalities.

Edmund A. Cook

Well, where to begin....
I guess at the beginning. I'm 16 years old, and have never had a girlfrind in my life. Most of my frinds talk always about sex, and who they want to take to bed, and what they will do to them. I join in these conversations sometimes, but only out of politeness. I am usually deep into my own musings on the subject. Reading your random thoughts on kissing (something I personally have never done), I realized where my frinds have gone wrong. Sure, they seek to satisfy their physical cravings. Yet, that will leave them empty inside. They will not feel love, nor caring. Only an emptiness, of something being given up. For they will not wait until the right time. They, and all people like them, will "get the deed done", and be off with it. Yet, if people in general would pay more attention to the finer things, and remember that sex is not a necessity, but a difficult choice, they would achieve that blissful state of nirvana you allude to. I only hope that people such as myself may also achieve that. Someday.

Joseph Gallagher

Oh, it's so late...I really should be sleeping, but I got too caught up in the pages you led me to. I don't really care much for the management & leadership stuff, although I will go back to it. Having dealt with children all my life, a lot of the principles of management are second nature to me!

I found the psych pages fascinating...By the way, how many of these pages did you write? It's hard to find anything on the net that's this well written; I can even be interested in the pages that aren't my favorite topics because I'm drawn into them by the writing.

I don't care for the idea of cybersex; I'd rather have an open and willing partner in real life, but after reading these comments I can see why this isn't possible for some people. I think cybersex might be better than the alternative of drying up and blowing away. Many who engage in this apparently use it to avoid intimacy, but unfortunately these same people would use anything at all for the same purpose were this outlet not available.

All in all, I'm impressed. Even if you're not the author, anyone interested in these sights must at least be able to read and comprehend them! (I think.)

Judith Morgan

In this vast expanse of the internet I have never seen a collection of thoughts on hunting of which I can truely say, that I am in awe.

I do not claim to be an 'expert' in hunting, I'll leave that to the "experts".

What I do claim is to have an honest, simple, natural respect for nature, God's creation. I am a Christian, I do believe in God and the Bible (the word of God). I have commented to a lady once that some of the best moments I have spent closer to God, is in the wilderness while hunting. My father introduced my family, I was seven when I went on my first hunting trip. Since then we have continued to enjoy it and passing it on to our children. (I include fishing as hunting)

I have had a read of your other pages and I am equally pleased.

I love the poems you have.

I hope to keep in contact with you.
Good Hunting

Jack fleming -

I appreciated your article, which I felt was well written and a necessary piece. I myself have just been wrestling with confidentiality within my local search & support group and I am reminded in your article of just how sensitive the adoption triad members' stories and emotions are.
Well done for writing about this very important issue!

Cheers, Elizabeth Charters ( )

I am a high school guidance counselor in New Jersey and also an avid hunter and outdoosman. There is something more to my involvement in the woods, I consider my time with the forest and the animals to be an integral part of my personal religion.

I have struggled at times to eloquently state the reasons for my beliefs and for my worship of the wild. The material that I have read in your Hunting Themes are on the mark for me. Taking an eclectic view of religion and spirituality, I have woven some of what you profess into my life. At times, however, it was difficult to explain it effectively to those of importance.

My marriage, ten years, my relationship with my children, Ryan 3.5 and Kelsey 11 months, and my love of my friends have all evolved and improved through careful exploration of the gifts that I shared with nature itself and with my friends in the field.

Thank you for what I have read so far. I have placed your site in my favorite places and will visit it often. If I can continue to grow along a "natural path" and if I can express my feelings and deep desires in words, I know that the love and the gifts I have shared over a lifetime with nature (33 years), will pass to my son and my daughter. Truly, what more can a man ask for?


Greg ( )

(Re site visits...)
Most of the time I take a quick look, and move on, or I find a little glimmer of hope, a piece or tidbit that makes it worth looking farther. This time it was different. I looked, I read, and read, and was drawn in deep.

I couldn't stop reading until I had absorbed every word, every thought,every picture you painted with your words. I found tears in my eyes (yeah I know what a wimp ) when I read your letter to Dave, I found myself nodding encouragement to your tips, " uh-huh. I keep saying yep he knows what he is talking about.

I read your gifts of the guide, and my mind and heart were alive with the memory of a hunting partner long moved away. How I gave him an axe one year, and a knife another, and how he gave me a compass, and ideas.

Thank you for sharing your gifts.
Mike " Deadeye " Pete
" It is one thing to show a man he is in error, and another to put him in possesion of the truth " John Locke

I had put off actually reading through your entire site until I had a bit of spare time. Then my wife mentioned your name in regards to a Canadopt posting ...."Lark Ritchie" ... I'd heard that name before. So, I went back and checked you out again.

You have done a very nice job here. Your thought provoking insight into what it means to hunt and its spiritual nature is well worth sharing. I know from my own 25 odd years hunting experience that it's during these special times when one can sometimes feel the "magic". Certainly you become aware that the forest or the stream has a "consciousness" or "mood" that can either welcome or reject you depending on your attitude and respect.

Anyways, the point of my note here is that you have a valuable contribution to make to the hunting community.


Greg Alexander Nebula Internet Services

Took a look at your site-- very interesting.
If I'd read it while researching my paper it would certainly have been cited. It appears that were share similar values with regard to hunting, which is encouraging. My impression (from research and anecdotal evidence) is that the majority of ethical hunters were taught a strong ethical standard by their parent(s)...your page would clearly back that up.

I was especially intruiged by the piece on gifts, as I've never seen it expressed in an "official" sense that way, but have known many families that follow that pattern with their children.


Derek R. Larson
Indiana University
Department of History
"Eastward I go by force, but Westward I go free!" -H. D. Thoreau

Hi Lark:
I went to your website during lunch today and was quite surprised, to and to be honest felt quite priviledged to read your ideas and thoughts on HUNTING etc.

It looks like we have more in common than I figured. I myself am a avid moose hunter, guided many years and learned a lot from the native guides that I worked with. My father and family spent many years hunting the Nemagosenda and stayed at my uncles tourist camp in Elsas.( Gosenda Lodge ) Which borders the Chapleau Game Reserve.

For the past 8 years we have been hunting the Sioux Lookout area. There has only been two years that we did not take a moose, and it didn't really matter to us as we were just happy to be in the bush.

On one occasion I watched Two bull moose fighting for about 8 to 10 minutes, I was so amazed , and so blessed to see this I let them both go on their way, and actually came home without one that year. I even had a bull tag. I am not a caller; I use a method taught to me by my native friends in Elsas which is breaking dried branches. It really works.

Len Desforges.

(copied from a site called Gamecock's Outdoors (now mysteriously gone...) and the site owner's comments on my pages)
Some thoughts on hunting
These were not written by me and I don't have any relation to the author. I don't agree with all of the statements, but this man has a wonderful style, and I believe should be a role model for every person who ever called themselves a "hunter". If you begin to read this, please read it all the way through, as you will not get the whole picture until the end of each document.
Hunting Themes An objective view of hunting.
A Hunters Farewell This one will make you cry.
Symbolic Gifts Explaination of meaningful gifts.
Hunting Tips Hunting tips more for your mind.

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