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"You're A Leader - Any Questions?..."

So... Now you're in the role as Leader of a Group... a Team... (It happpened fast, didn't it? Are you ready for this?) hmmm...

Thousand of pages have been written about becoming or being a leader. Many times that number have been read.

Depending on the era in history, the meaning of leadership changes. Supposedly, Attila the Hun was a leader... So was Hitler, Churchill, and Ghandii.

Writers and readers speak about motivation, discipline, objectives, targets, and so many other things - it really becomes confusing. Especially when you are offered, given, told, appointed or some way become a leader for the first time....

The role of a leader in today's teamwork environment is that of a woman or man with a job that requires more skill, labour, time, and energy than can be expected from one individual; therefore a team is employed to do the work. The leader does not accomplish the job alone, that person has the task of 'leading the group'.

What does that mean?

In one nutshell, it means the leader, knowing the goal, must guide the energies and talents of the group through several sets of activities and decision points, obtain decisions, and continue on to that goal.

The links on this page are intended to provide you help in performing your role succesfully. Enjoy! I have included a glossary for your reference.

Still Under Construction!!! please be patient.. more to come later...

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