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A Sampling of Animal Rights Activist Material

The pages listed below may seem ridiculous at first glance, but these people are deadly serious. It is terrifying when one sees that they are actually convincing urbanites to donate to their causes. (Note: AR = Animal Rights; CE = Culture Exorcists)
Compiled by Lark Ritchie 1999 from then-available websites.

NoFishing.net is against fishing "What about Jesus and the fish? Didn't Jesus eat fish? Probably not: There is strong evidence suggesting that Jesus was a vegetarian. The only stories depicting Jesus eating fish took place after the resurrection, and most Biblical scholars agree that they are very late additions to the Gospels. The scribes who added the stories were not, apparently, averse to eating fish. But since this is the only depiction anywhere in the Gospels of Jesus eating any animals at all, it seems that he was a vegetarian.

Quotes from Animal Rights and CE Activists "It is time we demand an end to the misguided and abusive concept of animal ownership. The first step on this long, but just, road would be ending the concept of pet ownership." -Elliot Katz, President, In Defense of Animals, "In Defense of Animals," Spring 1997 (Click link for more...)

Animal Protection Institute (API)- Opposing Bear Hunt The northern Utah Wildlife Advisory Council has proposed to increase the number of bear hunting tag sales from 202 to 220, a 9% increase...

Animal Protection Institute Presqu'ile Park >

API Grade School Humane Curriculum The goal of Humane Curriculum is to develop positive attitudes and behavior toward all living beings. It helps people appreciate and understand their roles and the roles of other animals, and the interconnection of all.

PETA Online Their Views on Hunting

PETA Online Animal Rights Thinking

A lesson in Protesting - Chickens Chickens are perhaps the most abused animals on Earth, yet they receive almost no consideration. That's why it is so important to organize demonstrations that draw attention to their plight.

Foundation for Animal Care Saskatchewan (FACSTRACS) Responsible Agriculture


Animal rights activist shares advantages of vegetarianism A 1997/11/07 report on PETA president Alex Pachecos talk at Northwestern University.

International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) List of AR/CE groups

Rosemary A. Amey's articles "When people are attacked, their response is almost always to defend themselves, and their minds are closed to the possibility that the attacker is right. Suppose we did succeed in pressuring people into giving up fur. These would-be fur wearers still wouldn't care about animals. There's a real danger they might vent their frustrations about animal activism by seeking other ways to hurt animals -- until the pressure dies down and they can wear their fur in public again. We may be able to intimidate people into superficially changing their ways, but unless they have a change of heart they will not be consistently compassionate. On the other hand, if we can convince people with well reasoned arguments, they will permanently change their ways, and may become activists as well."

AMP White Paper on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) The nation's largest animal advocacy organization, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), raises enough money to bankroll at least one well-run animal shelter in every state and have enough left over to spay, neuter, feed and save the lives of tens of thousands of homeless cats and dogs every year. So how many HSUS-run animal shelters benefit from its nearly $40 million annual budget? None.

More on the AR/CE groups By Cal Thomas - Los Angeles Times Syndication, June 24, 1997 - A coalition of animal-rights groups opens a five-day convention in Washington on Thursday to promote their view that animals should have at least as many rights as humans and that using them in scientific experiments to find cures for human diseases is cruel and must be outlawed.

INSIDE THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES For the past two decades, concern over the threat to the biomedical research community by the animal rights movement was centered on groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Animal Liberation Front, and the thirty or so other organizations that openly advocate radical opposition to scientists working with animals. During this time, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has worked methodically to gain a great deal of access to the public, the media and the research community because of its supposedly moderate public stance.

The fact is that HSUS is not a moderate animal welfare organization. A closer look at the Humane Society of the United States, including its personnel and programs, reveals a portrait of a hardcore animal rights group positioned, by virtue of its wealth and carefully crafted national and international affiliations, to do more damage to biomedical research than those organizations that openly espouse the radical animal rights ideology and agenda.

The ASPCA: From Animal Welfare to Animal Rights (From "Alternatives in Philanthropy" - Capital Research Center) The ASPCA has moved decidedly from promoting traditional animal welfare causes to promoting animal rights. This only becomes apparent after a close examination of its publications and activities. Moreover, the ASPCA's shift to animal rights has coincided with a dramatic decline in services long offered to pets and stray animals in New York City, where it is headquartered.

Breaking the Cages By Matt Bai - Newsweek, September 29, 1997 Well financed and highly organized animal rights groups are conducting increasingly sophisticated campaigns against animal research, aimed at voters, opinion leaders, and even school children. Incredibly, there is a growing movement of extremists on the fringe of the animal rights movement who oppose any use of animals in medical research.

Corruption in Humane Society Of The United States from ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1995. (a pro-vegetarian, anti-use group, criticizing extremists)

Hunting in the Classroom: Education or Propaganda? (World Wildlife Fund) How they portray efforts to pass on a tradition.

Animal Liberation Front actions reportedly caused the deaths at least 3,000 animals in the first half of 1996, - Animal People (a pro-vegetarian, anti-use group, criticizing extremists)

Ann Field Sued A six-year probe by the Alabama office of the attorney general, assisted by ANIMAL PEOPLE, on June 26 brought counts of fraud, deceit, and deceptive trade practices against the no-kill shelter Love And Care for God's Animalife Inc., Ann P. Fields, scam artist supreme.

Animal People's list of articles

Body Shop Sham - Freelance investigative journalist Jon Entine, charges "The Body Shop policy on animal testing is a complete sham. The evidence in my mind is overwhelming. When the company first got started, Anita Roddick," the flamboyant founder, "didn't have any interest in animal testing as an issue. Her cosmetologist, Mark Constantine, insisted on having a no-animal-testing policy, and then she got interested when it made money."

Animal People 96/03 ANIMAL PEOPLE points out, animal protection groups have learned how to raise funds by endlessly recycling old issues, old campaigns, old photographs, and old statistics, consistently ignoring major victories ­­ and opportunities ­­ because gains and opportunities don't bring in as much loot as familiar horror stories.

Animal People 'Peace Plan' Editorial 98/04 acknowledges activists use exaggerated or outdated photos of animal research that is no longer conducted (see point 3) and... Urges Medical Researchers (see point 6) to refrain from political alliance with groups who favor animal use (e.g. hunters)

Animal People - Know where your donations go Other than overt direct mail mills, which build on focused mailing lists rented from other charities in existing causes, the fastest-growing charities are most often those that effectively martial grassroots labor during the take-off phase of a cause, but cut loose of encumbrance in local issues and reliance on volunteer tablers and door-knockers after building big lists. Examples in the animal protection field include the Humane Society of the U.S., Greenpeace, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Animal People Editorial 99/01 Re Boycott China: "So long as meat is eaten - no matter what animal is the victim - animals will suffer. But meat-eating will best be discouraged, in China and elsewhere, by giving it up and speaking out against it right here."

More on HSUS (from the November 1995 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE.) At deadline, the Humane Society of the U.S. had neither confirmed nor denied a report reaching ANIMAL PEOPLE from an HSUS source that the board of directors, responding to a petition signed by 41 staffers, agreed over the Columbus Day weekend, October 7-9, to prosecute David Wills, 48, for allegedly embezzling at least $16,000 from an expense account purportedly used to pay informants in cruelty cases­­and to negotiate the termination of both HSUS president Paul Irwin and Humane Society International president John Hoyt.

A search for Animal People References

And now some black humour at the expense of those above.

The Onion.com PETA Spoof

The Onion.com AR Spoof

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