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Excuse the mess, you all know how busy mommies are, and if you can't excuse it help me pick it up, you're old enough to clean up after yourself....

Mommy tells it like it is.

More about mommy:

My name is actually Georgette. I am a 31 year old recently married mother of an adorable little girl (yes there are two pictures there), and a little boy too.
Here's my whole family , minus my husband. I currently work at a vendor management company, I do work for a national lender, and yes one person I met on the net has come across my desk...was it you????*g* I have a cat, Marie, two dogs Magic and Shelly, plus a bunch of fish and frogs. If you want to find me try Ghostvillage or my chat Soap Suds which ties into my soap business The Garden Bath Collection I enjoy all types of music, especially groups like Aerosmith, the Gathering Field, etc...and my favorite station is WDVE you have to check out its morning show. I also do a lot of reading, especially Stephen King, V. C. Andrews, and Robert Ludlum. My favorite color is purple, and according to the Myers-Briggs test, I'm a IXFJ.

Some of you may have seen me as Katarina, she's just the flip side of mommy, my evil twin so to speak, though if you ask Zygon (wherever he went) he'd say I'm all evil, but what does he know. And more recently I may be found as masquarade or tiffnzacsmom (yeah, original, I know)

One thing I have noticed as I have been chatting is that many of the people I am friends with are poets, I too imagine (key word there) myself to be able to write, but usually through my dopalganger, she allows the dark and brooding side of me out.

The dark and the cold,
they are my nearly forgotten friends.
Once more they stand at my door,
and I welcome them,
too long they have been away.
They take the place of light and warmth,
or the delusions of their existance.
I know that these things are not meant for me.
I had forgotten myself,
and am now reminded.
I had forgotten what was meant for me,
entertained silly dreams,
all in vain.
My comforters have come though,
have not forsaken me as I have tried to do to them.
They are my companions and reminders,
that life is not mine,
but that of the children of the light.
How I hope my child is one of them,
and does not feel the call of the cold.
Please note this has been published, if you would like to copy it ASK...
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