The hospital sent a survey home to my father because they had to sedate him for assaulting the doctor, as you read I'm sure you would understand. We had also found a survey from my brother that he never mailed in from a prior visit saying he never wanted to go there again

The reason I was in your Emergency Room on June 27, 2002 was because I received a call from a Doctor O (this name will be replaced if he is not), who had called to say my son had been injured and he was trying to save his life; but, in fact, my son had already passed away.

When I got to the Emergency Room I was put in a room, when the Doctor came in and said, “Hi, I am the man who woke you up, your son is dead.” What kind of Doctor is that? Do not tell me he deals with death all the time; that was uncaring, unkind and extremely unprofessional. He later then stated that he work a third of the time longer than he had to on my son, was the really necessary? Is that not his job? As a parent I feel he is less than a stellar profession.

However, your nurses were very kind and caring people. I wish that I could remember their names, they were great. Please pass my thanks on to those who were working the midnight shift that night.

I hope that someone replies to this letter. If the Doctor has a problem with my comments I will have no problem with talking to you at the hospital over this.

Update, we have heard back from this doctor, he is even more cavalier than he was then. My father is calling his supervisor back again and his man's attitude is not checked we are going to all the local papers with names.

Update (8/17/2002), My father met with the head of the Emergency Department, the Offending Doctor and the Head of the Nursing Department. Apparently, the nurses had also turned him in for his behavior dealing with my brother's desk (just once again shows how wonderful nurses can be and these ones are) and he also apparently did not tell his supervising Doctor all of what he had said to my father, we believe he may be in the dog house especially since he has only been there for a year now (10 months at the time of the accident). My father is accepting how this was resolved, but we are still talking to others locally and will back them if they have any complaints against this same Doctor.