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If you want to send an email in Thai language around the world. Your Thai text will not be stripped to 7-bit English text. Because you send English text but you and your friends will see it in Thai. SHOWTHAI.EXE will help you.
When you are moving the mouse around the screen. There is a couple of eyes in the dark looking at your mouse all the time. Who is it ? It's Windows' eyes. (requires VBRUN300.DLL)
After you finished your work or you're waiting for someone. You don't know what to do with this short time. Try to play a light brain storm game, SPLIT. You will wonder how computer beat you and become a winner. (requires VBRUN300.DLL)
Learn WinAPI
by Visual Basic 5.0
1. DRVTYPE Check your PC's each drive, what it is !
VBINI How to store and read information from INI file.
VBHWND How to manage window (form) with API.
VBCURSOR How to control your mouse pointer.
VBHDC How to capture screen within VB program.
To be a professional in VB
1. Tray How to minimize your program into an icon at system tray.
2. GetQuote How to get quote from stock exchange website.
3. ShellAndWait How to make VB running other program and wait for terminate.
4. CutPastePicture How to cut and paste any area of picture to another.
5. GifTransparent How to display a GIF graphics file with transparent feature. 

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