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Australian Pagan Events

Pagans in the Pub

For Pagans in the Pub Info please check this site - National Pagans in the Pub.


* Pagan Alliance Pub Moots
Date: First Thursday of every month in Hobart
Contact Information:Send stamped self addressed envelope to Allannah Turner c/- Post Office Collinsvale or email
Description: Informal get together to discuss ideas, issues, planning for celebrations and socialising. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

New South Wales

* Full Moon Esbat
Date: on/near full moons - 9pm
Who is organising it? Pagan Awareness Network
Contact Information: or For more information call Garfie on 0412-427-343
Description: This circle is a general introduction with the aim of dispelling misinformation about what Pagans do on their Esbats. This circle will follow no Tradition and be informal. Check out the webpage for maps, photos of site. Seven Hills - Rotary Hill , Terminus Rd Next to Seven Hills Station.

* Sydney Wiccans - Pagan Picnics
Date: First Sunday of the month, Ongoing Monthly.
Who is organising it?
Contact Information: Gavin on (02) 9411 7604, Carole on (02) 9905 4332, or Jo on (02) 9418 6419 or
Description: Every month, the Sydney Wiccans will hold the Pagan Picnic. A day to feast, enjoy nature, learn the old ways and be with like minded people of all ages. At the Pagan Picnic you can be a part of this interaction of knowledge. They Sydney Wiccans will provide you with free Tarot and Palmistry readings/workshops, runes, herbs, crystals, meditations, Shamanic drumming (BYO drum), games and other Esoteric activities. The Pagan Picnic is BYO and Artarmon has plenty of food outlets available. For further information, or information about other Sydney Wiccans gatherings, please call Gavin on (02) 9411 7604, Carole on (02) 9905 4332, or Jo on (02) 9418 6419. You can also e-mail the Sydney Wiccans on or you can send a SASE to PO Box 1050, Artarmon for further information. Where: The Artarmon Reserve BBQ area, Time: 1.30 PM.

* Pagan Summer Gathering
Date: 25-29 January, 2001
Who is organising it? Church of All Worlds Australia -
Contact Information: Armagi Wolf -
Description: To be held near Coffs Harbour. Workshops, rituals, get together.

* Magick Happens
Date: 13th & 14th January 2001
Who is organising it? Rowan
Contact Information: Rowan on (02) 9482 2741. Website:
Description: Loads of stalls, workshops, lectures & entertainment will make this a weekend not to be missed by anyone interested in paganism or witchcraft. Enquiries to Rowan on 9482 2741. I'm looking for people to run workshops and to do lectures. If you have a particular subject you're into and would like to share please let me know.




South Australia

* Adelaide Pagan Discussion Group
Date: first Wednesday of each month
Who is organising it?
Contact Information:
Description: The Adelaide Pagan Discussion Group is held on the first Wednesday of each month at The Proscenium, Blyth St, Adelaide at 8pm. There is usually a guest speaker, and plenty of opportunity for discussion about the evening’s chosen topic. The Pagan Discussion Group is free of charge, and is a great way to meet like minded people.

* Australian Wiccan Conference 2000
Date: Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September, 2000
Who is organising it?
Contact Information:
Description: The historic site of Gladstone Gaol (used as a popular conference centre for the last two decades) will be the venue for this event. It is 260 km North of Adelaide and will provide a private setting for those Pagans and Wiccans who wish to feast, ritualise, and workshop the weekend away. Accommodation and all meals will be provided. More details about this conference will be advertised as soon as they become available. More details closer to the event


* Pagans in the Pub
Who is organising it?
Contact Information:




* Brisbane Pagans in the Park
Date: 3rd Sunday of every month
Who is organising it?
Contact Information: Email Darren at
Description: 3rd Sunday of every month, Pagans in the Park will meet to gather in a non-political environment for the purpose of socialising. Come and meet old friends and make new ones.

Western Australia


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