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Witchcraft Craze History

This is a growing area of historical research. Listed below are some interesting links to Witchcraft Craze resources. If you know of any more, drop me a line and I'll add them to the list.

* New Books on the Witchcraft Craze

This page contains a regularly updated list of new academic works on the Witchcraft Craze.

* Witch As Internal Other

This is a very brief abstract of an idea I have been kicking around for a while. It deals with the concept of Otherness and how the Witch fulfulled this role at an internal level within Early Modern society. I would really appreciate any comments.

* Witchcraft Craze Resources

I hope to be adding more resources related to the Witchcraft Craze to this site. I have added the basic layout of what I expect to add but at this time not all pages are active.

* National Geographic Interactive Salem Witchcraft Trials

Designed by National Geographic, this site uses an interplay of image and text to evoke the hysterical tenor of Salem during the witchcraft trials. Experience the proceedings first hand as you assume the identity of a town resident accused of sorcery. Your life is on the line -- how will you plead? When you've completed your Salem adventure, wander over to Ask the Expert and pose any lingering questions to historian Richard Trask. Good design and lots of info, worth checking out.

* Joan's Witch Directory

A good page containing links to resources concerned with the study of the Witchcraft trials of the early modern period. This includes original material, pictures and other primary and secondary source materials.

* The Witchcraft Bibliography Project

This is an ongoing project to list relevant academic works, by category. Links to Internet sites are also included.

* Witchcraft Bibliography

A fairly extensive list of books on the witchcraft craze, mostly secondary sources. This page is now located here. The page is no longer on the original server.

* The Witching Hours

This site has a wide variety of information on the Witchcraft Crze. The site is well organised. This is one of the best resources for the study of the Witchcraft Craze.

* The Salem Witch Craze

A brief site about the background and events of the Salem Witchcraze of 1692.

* Salem Witch Trials Memorial

This site contains the names and images of the gravestones of those who died in the Salem Witch Trials.

* A Chronology of the Salem Witch Trials

* The Trial of the Bideford Witches

This site contains the text of a book about this set of trials as well as a variety of primary source material.

* David Owens Page - Witchcraft and Magic History

This site concentrates on the history of witchcraft and magic in Somerset in England.

Page Updated 7th April, 2000