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N=F25+36=2^(2^25)+37, where F25 is the 25th Fermat number, has no divisor d < 94,906,453. Hence, N may well be a prime 10,100,891 decimal digits long! Can anyone verify that N is actually prime?
Superb 3-Dimensional Models of Regular 4-Dimensional Structures

---COSMOLOGY--- A Mathematical Steady-State Theory called Exormetism!

Just Right-click here to download (Save Target As...) the Microsoft-Word file "exormetism.doc" (463 KB), presenting the cosmological theory of exormetism, one based on a mathematical approach.

Update: July 2009

Cosmic Space: This is a 3-dim model of the hyper-sphere, achieved through the theory of regular hyper-polyhedrons. It is also a model of the so called quinternary hyper-tetrahedron. World famous investors are kindly requested to realize it as a merely symbolic great-scale construction, and launch it as a universal monument of our present civilization, in the beginning of the 3rd millennium.

Cosmogony: This 3-dim model of the regular hyper-dodecahedron is possible to host internally an elevator and two middle floors, all made of tranparent materials for aesthetic purposes. The option of hosting a restaurant with view, and a music bar, for instance, makes it tempting as an alternative to Cosmic Space, which is rather more impressive than Cosmogony, but not as easy to construct.

Curriculum Vitae

Invitation to Investors


Definitions and Proofs

Topological Descriptions

Mathematical Reasoning

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I am a Greek researcher, who discovered and managed to represent virtually the six (6) most interesting 4-dimensional mathematical objects. By expanding the concept of a regular polyhedron beyond the 3rd dimension, I was helped to design Cosmic Space (an almost spherical sculpture) and Cosmogony (a complex dodecahedral construction), the latter intended to host internally an elevator and two middle floors.
I have also completed a theoretic expansion of my study, on the Infinite Regular Polyhedral Spaces, some properties of which are presented in the Topological Descriptions, beneath the table of regular hyper-polyhedrons. (See, also, the picture of "Theogony" below.)
My ambition is to sell the exclusive rights on the shown three designs, at no less than US$500,000 each. A comparatively less complex structure, Cosmic Sensation, seems to be suitable for outdoor decoration purposes, and its designs are priced at $20,000 (with no exclusivity being conceded in this special case).
The designs of the remaining three models -Cosmognosia, Cosmic Intellect, and Cosmic Volition- will be sold for $100,000 , $125,000 , and $150,000 , respectively, to manufacturers of personal or decorative objects, such as jewels, knickknacks, bibelots etc.
For reasons easily understood, no visual representations of the four relatively simple solid shapes are published herein.

Theogony: This is a 3-dim sample of the regular icosahedral space, and also a 3-dim sample of "negatively curved" (hyperbolic), uniform, and isotropic space, corresponding to the most probable, according to various cosmological evidence, shape of the universe. The implication, in this case, is that the cosmos is infinite. Its "model" is therefore partial, yet consisted of 690 curved segments, and having 222 nodes in all.