Panagiotis C. Karagiorgis

Scientific Programming and Software Engineering


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Curriculum Vitae

July 2006


Date / Place of Birth

Jan. 2, 1955 Born in Khartoum of Sudan (by Greek parents).

Nationality / Language Greek.

Foreign Languages English (very well), Lower of Cambridge (originally), 1971

French (reading and comprehension), Certificat de Cours 5.

Family Status Married / one daughter.

Personal Interests Special fields of mathematics, numerical analysis, number

theory, methods and algorithms for scientific applications,

cryptography, relativistic physics, mathematical cosmology.

Military Service

Apr. 1977 - Aug. 1979 Served in the Greek Navy.


Studies (and recognition)

1990, Programming Science: Recognized by (in Greece) as a University Graduate

() and professional, according to a special law for highly

experienced programmers with exceptional performance.

Oct. 1973 - June 1977 4 years of studies in civil engineering, at the National

Technical University of Athens ().

Oct. 1972 - June 1973 1 year of studies in Physics (National University of Athens).


Sept. 1969 - June 1972 4th to 6th class at the Moraitis high school in P.Psychico.

Sept. 1966 - June 1969 1st to 3rd class at the Lycee Leonin French high school.

Sept. 1963 - June 1966 4th to 6th class at the Chrissostomou Smirnis low school.

Sept. 1960 - June 1963 1st to 3rd class at a Greek low school in Khartoum.



Professional Experience


June 1999 - Jan. 2003 Worked as EDP/IT Supervisor in Hellamat SA, the Greek

branch of the French company Lafarge SA (a world leader

in the building-materials manufacturing).

Environment: Windows 2000 (+Me+XP), ScoUnix, Oracle.

Applications: Ms Office 2000, VPD Network, Lotus Notes,

Singular Enterprise (ERP business software),

and in-house programs, developed in C-code (Lcc compiler).

Jan. 1996 - June 1999 Worked as a special technical consultant for a public works

contractor, by the name of Helmos SA (ATE).

Position: Network administrator.

Oct. 1996 - July 1998 Taught for 300 hours, in seminars supported by either

EEC (EU), or the Workforce Employment Organization

(), in companies, factory plants, etc.

Seminar topics: Windows, Office Pro, Works, Corel, etc.

Oct. 1995 - June 1997 Taught for 600 hours in a Professional Training Center

() GNOSIS (on Hymittou Ave, near Vouliagmenis).

Cources: Windows, MS-Office Pro, Works, etc.

Oct. 1994 - June 1997 Taught for 1200 hours in the GNOSIS Laboratory of

Free Studies (J.Pavlakos-Panagiotopoulos Co), in Byron.

Courses: BASIC programming, MS-Works, DOS,

Windows, 3d-Studio, etc.

1993 - 1997 Manager of the `ORATRON Multimedia company, which

soon became a member of the Open Applications Group of

Singular sa, as it was also active in software/hardware sales.

Oct. 1994 - June 1995 Taught for 300 hours in the Institution for Professional

Training () PETRA.

Courses: 3d-Studio, Photostyler, Photoshop.

Oct. 1993 - June 1994 Taught computing for 500 hours in the EuroGnosis

European Languages and Informatics Center, in Byron.

Courses: BASIC programming, MS-Works, DOS,

Windows, 3d-Studio, etc.

1986 - 1992 Worked in the National Sports Research Institute

(), initially for the committee organizing the

World Youngsters Athletics Championship of 1986

(В86), next for the Committee Against Violence in

Fields of Sports, and last as in charge of the Computer

Department of , this belonging to the Olympic

Sports Center of Athens ().

1991 - 1992 Became a Member of the Scientific Council of .

For my authoring and scientific work, during those years,

I was congratulated, in written, by the top managers of

and (when I decided to quit my job, in order

to develop a corner of new technology and related research).

1987 - 1988 Worked on a project of (Central Organizational

Committee Seeking for Children Talented in Sports),

under the General Secretariat of Sports ().

Height, weight, and tested performances of 150,000

children, at the age of 8, were input as data, processed,

and co-evaluated by a program of mine. That task was

completed in less than 9 weeks, with absolute success.

1985 - 1986 One year in the Information Center of the Ministry of

Economics (in the preparation of input data).

1985 EDP Manager and member of R&D Hellas (software).

1983 - 1985 Worked as a technical journalist for computer magazines,

such as Pixel and Computer for Everyone (the last

year as 2nd chief editor), the daily newspaper The News

( ), the monthly issue Eureka of the financial

newspaper The Profit ( ), and, finally, the

weekly magazine The Messenger ( ).

1980 - 1982 Created computer programs, for civil engineering, in

cooperation with professionals (programmers & engineers).

1972 - 1977 Partner in a company being in the construction business.



Accomplishments / Awards


Oct. 2000 - Sept. 2002 Invented the Binary Oblong Random-Number series of

generators (the BORN engines), and presented an original

Encryption/Decryption Program, to a group of officers,

appointed by the Greek Army, to evaluate the proposed

method for implementation. I was notified, afterwards, that

my algorithm had passed the randomness tests of the Army,

and also those of the Defense-Systems Dep. of Intracom sa.

1994 - 1995 My proof of The Two Squares Theorem (number theory)

was published in a special Geometry-Analysis-Mechanics

(GAM) World Scientific volume, dedicated to Archimedes.

1988 Awarded by the Greek Operational Researchers Union,

and chosen to represent Greece, in the international

congress, which is organized by IFORS every 3 years.

The problem of Locating an Obnoxious Facility (in terms

of Location Theory) had been posed by Dr. J. Karkazis,

professor of mathematics in the Aegean University, and

was solved through our collaboration, in a series of three

papers, ending with the one presented in Buenos Ayres.



Independent Research


Sept. 2004 - to date Developping automatic trading systems specifically adjusted

to the foreign exchange market (FOREX).

Apr. 2001 - to date Working, in private, on a mathematical approach to what is,

apparently, contradicting the big-bang cosmology, i.e. various

evidence suggesting that the expansion of the universe is now

accelerating.This theoretical piece of research, having already

been completed, proves that most observations comply with a

relativistic steady-state model, according to which, a universal

force of fundamental nature acts exclusively on distant matter,

and has no effect on the course, or the intensity, of pure light.

Apr. 1999 - May 1999 Designed a partial model describing the one most complex

of all regular polyhedral spaces, as a construction consisting

of 690 curved segments and 222 nodes (its on my website).

Jan. 1999 - Mar. 1999 Extended the notion of a regular hyper-polyhedron to

that of a regular polyhedral space, thus prolonging the

initial list of six (6) finite (since being convex) spaces,

by 5 infinite ones, of which only 1 is Euclidean.

July 1998 - Dec. 1998 Conceived geometrically and designed the "dual" to the

following space frame, formally resembling to a regular

dodecahedron, and consisting of 600 composite parts of

only 15 types.

Dec. 1996 - July 1998 Invented a mathematical model and designed a complex

spatial frame, made of 720 curved, cylindrical segments.

This looked like a spherical sculpture corresponding to the

Euclidean translation of a hyper-spherical frame.

Nov. 1996 Proved the existence of 6 regular 4-d hyper-polyhedrons,

and of at least two, in each dimension beyond the 4th._