Dreidel's Denouement

Webster's Dictionary defines denouement as:

"the outcome of a complex sequence of events".

That definition reflects my ongoing creation of this page,

as well as an apt description of me

and Proud to be an AMERICAN!

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This web page is purely for

my enjoyment

and entertainment.

So if anyone stumbles onto this site,

I hope you find it pleasing to the eye

and if not . . .

May The Force Be With You!

Episode III

Be sure to see the lastest episode of Star Wars

out in theaters May 19th 2005!


I am currently a student at Copper Mountain Community College

located in Joshua Tree, CA

taking classes in Criminal Justice,

Computer Graphics and Photography.

I am hoping to get back toCal State University

San Bernardino to complete my majors in Social Sciences:

(Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology)

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

. . . where I was employed as a Student Assistant in

Academic Computing and Media part of the school year.

I have also worked as a Computer Lab Assistant

at Services to Students with Disabilities

where I helped students learn the use of

Assistive Computing Technology and assess

basic computer skills for the WorkAbility IV program.

Are you or someone you know a Victim of a Crime?

If you need help call 1-800-VICTIMS (1-800-842-8467)

For additional information please contact the

Office of Victim Services and Restitution toll free at

1-(888)-562-5874 or at

(916) 358-2436

If you or someone you know is a victim of crime we are here to help. Please call toll free at 1-888-562-5874 or at (916) 358-2436

For further information contact:

California Department of Corrections

Did you know there is a program

that will let you keep your address

confidential if you need

to hide from an abuser?

Some of my favorite things:

Christmas Gardening, Computers, Kids, Cats, Writing,

Reading: Romance, Mystery and Suspense, Horror


Xena Warrior Princess and my hobby, Scrapbooking

Operation SafeHouse, Inc.

This is a great place to pursue an internship in the Behavioral Sciences.

It is a temporary shelter home for teenage runaways and/or homeless youth.

Their goal is to reunify families and keep our

youth off the streets.

This is a non-profit facility

so donations are welcome.

For more information contact:

Operation SafeHouse, Inc.

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