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Odi et Amo. Qua re id faciam, fortasse requiris.
Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

Miss Paola Carey 8) is skating across this background wait for your browser to download her fully....

Salve a tutti e benvenuti nella mia Pagina Casa!

Hey there and welcome to my Home Page!

Dag allemaal en welkom in mijn Thuispagina!

In this page you find:

Net Friends - links to all my friends in the Net

Photo Album - Misc pictures of the people I love

Cool Stuff - Various stuff that makes the Net just GREAT!

Art & Literature - Something that makes this world worth living

Net Friends

This is my name and what I do to get some money to go to university 8) If you need a techie translation from english into italian or viceversa, about everything which ranges from Graphic Art Industry stuff up to PCB's production and to Communication Systems (Broadband and the hellish gang), get in touch and help a new engineer to get by! Anyway, I guess I'll agree on the statement which defines me as a Messed Up Like Hell Computer Science Engineering Student.

Barco Graphics Belgium News SiteAnd this is where my favourite photoretouching program comes from. It runs on a cute Silicon Graphics Indigo2 and it's really great. Barco Graphics has recently opened its brand new website, go and visit them. I particularly recommend looking at the Cool Image of the Month to learn a great lesson of photoretouching from them.

You can find a gang of fellow Engineering students at Politecnico di Milano following this link. This is the best home page in the whole lot, and from here you can stroll around all my friends' home pages. Watch out, they're just nuts.

What about going and visiting one of the smartest computer scientists throughout the Net? Go and say Hi to Miss Shandra Morton, you can find her hacking up Chickasaw's machines here.

Want to see a nice mediterranean girl? Go and visit my friend Paola's home page. You expect green seas, clear sand, starfishes, and a tanned brunette? You get it.

...and threads that are golden don't break easily. My friend Sherazade and I are living proof of it. Go and check her site, featuring a nice b/w pic of her taken by the Marco Glaviano of Politecnico di Milano ;) ;)

There's an ole italian joke which I might not want to translate. Anyway, vuoi farti un Giro? Follow this link! 8) My friend Carlo virtually raises his right eyebrow here.

You can enter a really dangerous place at the Onraedt's home site.Featuring a page for each component of this mighty flemish quartet (and no, they're not much into music), this place allows you to get acquainted with this awesome family. 8) For those of you who can't grasp the joke, "Onraedt" is similar to the flemish word "Onraad" which is "Imminent Danger".

* Chickasaw Girls *

If you don't know what Chickasaw Girls are, TOO BAD FOR YOU! Anyway here I offer you a chance to meet my two computer-hacking friends at chickasaw via a WebCam:

Look at Leslie and Shandra Live

Best Shandra Shot so far

Best Leslie Shot so far

Photo Album

Notice: since this page is a newcomer around, some of the pix won't work yet. That simply means I still have to scan them in and to upload them... please be patient and send me a mail to remember me!

And here you can find some misc pictures of me and of all the people I love... so call often because there are a lot of updates here! 8)

These are my best net friends around and, yes, they also happen to be Flemish. I met Anna in an IRC channel and we were both wandering around doing nothin' much. Here's a nice family portrait with me in it. Hey, I'm not an holographic projection in that pic! I was there IRL! And this one is a nice one of Anna and me. Aren't we such a nice couple?

Some pictures with me alone. This is the only close-up I found for the moment, yes, it comes from my ID card, but it's nice after all. These two come from a little trip I made to Spain this winter. Here I am thoughtful at the Foundation Miro's bistrot in Barcelona. And this one is me boldly standing in the main hall of Foundation Dalě in Figueres.

This one is a nice pic of me and my mummy, at my parents' flat.

This one is a great pic of my blonde sister in Montecarlo. She looks like a model, ain't she?

This one is my dear US friend Shandra smiling in her brand new hunter-green pullover. Hi there Sam!!

This is Ivo!! 8) He's Anna's father and he happens to be the funniest Flemish engineer I ever met... hey there Ivo! This is a sneak capture from CU-seeme. If you think _I AM_ the Net freak, ask Ivo's wife, she knows better...

A nice picture of me and my best MALE friend (surprising, isn't it?). Carlo and me are sitting smiling on the sofa in my apartment... and we seem to enjoy the evening!

Cool Stuff

Fave Net Babes

If you're into Music, you may want to have a look at my Best Pick in the world of Music. Miss Tori Amos is definitely the Best Songstress I ever heard in my life. Check her site HERE. And this is the ultimate JumpStation to all the Tori info available on the Net.

Another Genius in music is definitly Kate Bush. Her songs and lyrics are astonishing and of sheer beauty. Discover more at one of the sites dedicated to her.

And why not hopping on a cute image site which collects lil' Sandra Bullock pix?

A beautiful example of a splendid French actress can be found here. Isabelle Adjani irradiates a bit of her candid beauty.

Okay, five octaves of vocal extension, agreed. But there's another reason why I'm a fan of Ms. Mariah Carey. And another fan in Japan with some local press also collects interesting stuff of her.

An explosive actress, recently awarded with an Oscar. Gifted Miss Mira Sorvino, aka Mighty Aphrodite, can be found here.

With her perfect traits as sculpted in white marble, have a look at Ms. Hunter Tylo and her snakes.

Have a look at Ms. Carol Alt. As long as she doesn't try to perform as an actress, she's the best model around in my opinion. Deep blue eyes, and long and beautiful brown hair... my ideal of a woman 8). One little snag: the husband is a hockey player and he's BIG. Another site here.

The fastest woman in the world is waiting for you on her site. 26-er Lyn St.James, Driver in the Indy League, informs you about her deeds... features nice AVIs and sounds, plus Lyn's special recipes before the Race.

Former President of Italian Chamber of Deputies, 32-yrs old Ms. Irene Pivetti is the youngest ass-kicking female politician around in Italy. A controversial character, love her or hate her, anyway not much about her on the Net except on the Northern League site. I have some cute pics of her anyway... I might consider putting them somewhere?

Stuff Not Related to My Fave Net Babes

Vlaanderen. Here's a nice link to Flanders' Tourism Office. I don't know why, but there was a time that I didn't even know what Flanders were. And all at once every little thing I had around came from Flanders. So go and have a peek, if you are in a quest for superb beer and the finest chocolate in the world, and... who knows?

Hoegaarden! My favourite beer. I'd have the fridge crammed with bottles of this spicy and light wheat Belgian beer. Speaking about fabulous belgian Beer, you might want to have a look what a couple of fellow estimators think.

CU-SeeMe is a nice application made for lurkers, which can also be called, a bit old-fashionly, voyers 8). Anyway it's fun if you have someone nice to look at. Download here the Enhanced Version from WhitePine.

A powerful Search Engine (SavvySearch). When you're really looking for something, flood the Net with a cybernetic Diogenes. You're also looking for The Man, after all.

And this is the mightiest and fastest search engine I use. And actually the one I use most often, I daresay. From a boasting Digital Equipment Corporation which seems to find several different applications for its lil' cuties Alpha processors, here is for you AltaVista search engine.

Are you stuck with an adventure game? Well, you might try peeping into the Adventure Walkthrough Site. Watch out, heavy spoilers in this page!

This link is for my use: it goes to the main page of the Engineering Institute of my university... when I need fast to know date and place of my exams... 8(

For those of you in search also of intellectual contents, here I'd like to share with you some of the things I find most moving and beautiful in my life.

I offer you some of my fave poetry from my fave latin poet, Catullus. (Latin and English)

The most powerful passage from Critica Della Ragion Pura, by Immanuel Kant. Only italian for the moment, sorry... the original is in German I think... NO WAY GUYZ!! (Italian)

A beautiful flemish babe painted by Hans Memling, flemish painter.

Immense et Rouge, by Jacques Prévert (French)

A smashing fragment of my ancient teacher, Heraclites. (Ancient Greek)

You can reach me at:

A copy of my resumé is available upon request, in Italian, English, French or Dutch (actually, working on it).

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