Therese M. Poole



I am a scientist at The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research where we do basic research on cancer.

I work on the genetics of mouse liver cancer. Using different strains of mice, I have mapped genes which increase the risk of cancer development in mice. Click here to learn more about how disease genes are mapped.

(Picture Courtesy of Kristin Agathen)

To learn more about CANCER, click here.

I am also a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison . I teach Oncology 401: Introduction to Experimental Oncology.

My colleagues and I discuss educational issues during Issues in Life Science Education discussion group.

Here is my two-cents on finding a job teaching college biology.

In addition to teaching at the university, I enjoy talking to students of all ages and teachers about HIV/AIDS and cancer.


Here are some links to useful sites about HIV/AIDS.

  • Marty Howard's HIV/AIDS Homepage
  • The HIV Infoweb
  • Learn more about Heredity in general!!! Click here.


    In my spare time I like to

  • read
  • run
  • swim
  • bike
  • hike
  • play guitar
  • watch old movies (and new ones too)
  • hang out at the Union!
  • Here is my niece on the beautiful Florida beaches.

    I have three cats.

    Timmy, fat grey, and Squealer the striped one.

    Fang, small black with white paws, long-haired (mother of Squealer)

    These are her other kittens.

    This is Squealer napping in the guitar case.


    And on his birthday.


    Aren't they cute??

    Since I like cats and genetics, I am very interested in cat genetics. Here are some good places to learn more about cat genetics.

  • Cat Fanciers Home Page
  • The Cat Code
  • Some other interesting cat sites:

    The Feline Conservation Center

    I also have four rats.Go to their homepage.


    Here is the McArdle football team of 1996

    Smokey Treats:

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