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ratingBlah Blah Blah, but better than the swamp of other Blah Blah Blah. You can give those sites a chance

ratingratingWell, you can chat and chat and chat and chat... Just... sometimes you can't.

ratingratingratingThere are only 24 hours a day. This are the more professional sites where you can learn that there are maybe 25 hours a day.

  1. The Virtual Irish Pub ratingrating
    If you are Irish... well... it doesn't matter... The I-Pub might be hidden on the Net, but they have a load of traffic, so chat guaranteed. Public? Once in a while they go weird... so, OK, real people out there. Be wary and chat away.
  2. CNN News Chat ratingratingrating
    You can participate in the nightly news chat to discuss the news of the day. Well... you know what happens when you bring CNN watchers in one forum :-). Just Great.
  3. Yahoo Chat ratingratingrating
    Sometimes you just don't ask questions about quality. It's Yahoo! And yes, they have chat. Must see and do. Sign up and Chat!
  4. NetCentral Live Chat TEMP OFFLINE (update: they are still offline - we'll contact those guys).
  5. PowWow ratingratingrating
    Another don't ask if it's good. It's just bodatious! PowWow is an unique Internet program for Windows that allows up to nine (9) people to chat, transfer files, and cruise the World Wide Web together as a group. You must download there free software, but it's definitely recommended.
  6. Webchat Broadcasting System ratingratingrating
    The Largest Chat Center on the Web.
  7. World's Chat ratingrating
    Combining wonderful 3D graphics with a full gallery of fun avatars to choose from.
  8. ICS ratingrating
    Conferencing center that offers Message Box Services. You can also have the system notify you on your pager when someone leaves you a new message.
  9. Aftonbladet Chat rating
    If you know some Swedish
  10. The Coffeehouse rating
    Entrepreneur targeted + info on working from home.
  11. Astro Chat ratingrating
    A forum to exchange ideas about astrology, discuss relationships, and generally get to know each other.
  12. Nando Sports Chat ratingrating
    Nando's world-famous sports chat has been expanded. Baseball, Basketball, Golf and so on.
  13. Bob Chat a.k.a. ratingrating
    Neat chat places. Different topics. Hang out stuff.
  14. OmniChat rating
    Chat place with different options, from Sports Chat to Chatterboxes and Business Chat. Some Chat boxes have low and non quality content. You might lurk on your own.
  15. Cafe MegaMall Chat Center rating
    Commercial targeted.
  16. Camp Sweeney Youth Chat rating
    Serving Children With Diabetes for over 45 years. (Forum under construction) + much info on Diabetes.
  17. Cawfee Chat ratingratingrating
    Tawk! Cawfee Tawk is one of the hottest chat groups on the Net - from steamy late night conversations to philosophical discussions over a cup 'o joe, there is a Cawfee Tawk house for you.
    Virtual Media also runs the following great Chat Sites:
    The Niteclub
    The Basement
    College Chat
  18. Chat Box ratingratingrating
    Major facility. Also outfitted for WebTV users. Pro's
  19. Chat central rating
    Time Warner's Chatstuff - Pathfinders.
  20. Ch@tmosphere - The ChatHouse ratingratingrating
    The Chathouse offers over One Hundred Web Chat Rooms and receives well over Two Million Hits Each Day. FOR A RAINY DAY!!
  21. Cool Chat ratingrating
    Over 60328 members after two months online, more bandwidth since July 4th '97.
  22. Chicago General rating
    Some Chicago chatting.
  23. Cipollina Chat Line rating
    Onion System. Italian with English version. You must pay to connect. $ 30 for 20 hours? Those guy's must be out of there mind. There's enough professional communication stuff for free!
  24. Columbus Chat Forums ratingrating
    Once major fun, then they trowed everyone out. Now ChatPlanet application.
  25. CyberPark ratingratingrating
    Formerly known as the ImagiNation Network, WorldPlay EntertainmentTM is now a new "Fun Button" on the Net.
  26. CyberSight Chat ratingrating
    Blah Blah Blah with lots of traffic. Have fun. From the great CyberSight
  27. CyberTalk rating
    Hong Kong is still kicking around.
  28. Cyber Talker ratingrating
    Just for the fun of it... Play along. German site, mixed German and English posts. Play around with HTML.
  29. ESPNET Sports talk rating
    Baseball chat.
  30. From the Hip rating
    Some Blah Blah on this RockNet.
  31. French Canadian Chat ratingrating
    From (French). Much traffic. Web Chat + Java Chat.
  32. The Gathering Place ratingrating
    Lots of Chatting in a few rooms. You need a free password. Mostly Americans. Where not?
  33. Ghost Chat rating
    Aaaaaaarggg. Cool design and the topic is... well... take a look. This site is not yet known but has great potentials. English. Don't underestimate those guys in Holland.
  34. Globe Chat ratingratingrating
    Yep, the Globe... Over 500.000 visits a month. Chat away until you drop.
  35. Healthy Choice Chatrating
    Blah Blah but made of the healthy stuff.
  36. HERN WebChat rating
    HERN Webchat was designed to allow members of the HERN project (HERNsters till a better term comes up) to experiment with web technology as a means of communication and to explore it's potential as an instructional tool. Did someone forgot that this program is running? With friends you can have a load of fun out there because it's always empty. The truth is out there!
  37. Icom Chat rating
    Italian, lots of traffic. E pericoloso sporgersi?

    iGuide Sports Communities rating
    iGuide News Communities rating
    iGuide Entertainment Communities rating
    iGuide Games Communities rating
    iGuide Parenting Communities ratingrating
    iGuide Politics Communitiesrating
    iGuide Computing Communities rating
    iGuide TV Communities rating
    iGuide YourWork/Money Communities rating
  39. K Chat NetCentral
    Oooops... Those guys went shopping for another server.
  40. Karlskrona Webchat rating
    You'll need a Swedish dictionary.
  41. Kids Wallratingrating
    Great stuff for Kids, from the famous dudes and dudettes. Have fun kids.
  42. Kodak Chatratingrating
    Once upon a time there was KODAK... They are suposed to take pictures, but now they chat on the Net too. About Photography ofcourse.
  43. Le Caferatingratingrating
    Well, this is not a chat cafe in Paris! It might be, in 2049. Now The Cafe runs a new multimedia Cybertown Palace visual chat rooms with customizable images and audio are also open and very popular! And they have avatar-based 3D VR chat rooms, among others.
  44. Legal Chatratingrating
    LegalChat allows people to discuss the law and legal issues on the WWW in real-time. Non-attorneys can talk with non-attorneys, non-attorneys can talk directly with attorneys, and if they prefer, attorneys can choose to talk only with other attorneys. There is also a section entitled Legal Classifieds.
  45. MacWeb Chatrating
    Some people are chatting there, but definitely not about Macs. Not very active.
  46. Chatalystrating
    It's a chatalyst chat thing. They know about design (cool), and there's a babble. Have a look if your day has 26 hours.
  47. Melrose Place Chatrating
    No No No... Yep, yep, yep... it's the place! We forgot who broke up with who.
  48. Mojoski's General Chatratingrating
    Yo! It's the Mojoski place! Attention, you are Javatised! Those guy's are fun, as usual. Open your computer, get a screwdriver, and put the newest stuff in.
  49. Mouth Off Group Therapy Chat
    Now we have enough. Even how great Mr. Showbiz might be... jeeeezzzz... they are moving there pages as fast as we can say Showbiz. Deleted.
  50. NBC Chat ratingratingrating
    Proud as ever... If you watch NBC you chat NBC. No comment.
  51. Parents Placeratingratingrating
    Anyone who have been long enough on the Net just knows how great the founders of Parents Place are. A MUST for each and every parent, mother, father or anyone interested in family life. Reviewed on CNN worldwide.
  52. PeachWeb Plantationratingrating
    PeachWeb says they are the most friendly chat site on the Net. Members at the Plant enjoy a secure environment that allows them to participate in life online without impostering, rudeness, vulgarity associated with open access chat systems. Hmmm. They are doing al right though.
  53. Roadking Driver's Loungerating
    If you want to buy a truck in Oz... or wanna... (we just don't know). It's ok.
  54. Sedona On-Line Webchat
    OFF LINE. Keep watching. They will be back. (probably).
  55. Simpsons Chat rating
    A day by day kinda line that you can find here. "My name is Zack, I'm in Dallas...Is there anybody out there?" They are doing there best but just will loose our 1 lip and will be deleted soon. Keep in touch guys. Simpson fans are refered to the next link for the moment. WBS... again?
  56. Simpsons Chatratingrating
    Doh! Homer is still a Hero. Have a look, even in Hong Kong they know Bart.
  57. Skatetalk rating
    SkateTalk is dedicated to Skateboarders, but all are welcome! Skate Chat site since 1995, SkateTalk (tm)
  58. Sonic Chat rating
    Yes guys, this is the one and only Sonic. What's Nintendo?
  59. Sony Live Chats rating
    Why not? Hmmm.
  60. Surfchat - Dutch rating
    We wonder. A site originated in Holland, there's always traffic in English. Still viewing if it's worthwhile.
  61. Texas Singles rating
    It's a Public Chat line open to visitors of Texas Singles. They say it's addicting, but we don't find a lot of traffic. Probably there are not a lot of singles in Texas. When there's traffic, it's ok.
  62. TV Chatrating
    Some US tv babble. Lots of traffic.
  63. WBS1 - One of the doors! ratingratingrating
    This is the door to 1001 chat rooms on WBS. No words needed. Or go to (same result but faster) the next link.
  64. WBS Tuneratingratingrating
    A door. Remember: There are only 25 hours in a day.
  65. WGG Chat rating
    There are some folks babbling sometimes. Not that big of a deal.
  66. World-Wide Collectors Digest Chat rating
    Bit of a chat.
  67. WWISPer Chat Serverratingrating
    There are always good folks around on this unknown but very active chat place. It's friendly but most people know each other. Strangers who mess up are not welcome.
  68. X-Files Chat rating
    Why Not? The truth is out there. (Ooops, another WBS).


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