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Hi I'm master_asher.
but please call me Asher the master part is only for formal gatherings.

My story is:
As it stands i'm Prince of a small chat sever known as TalkCity. There is a link at the bottom of this page to the age that tells you more about i became Prince. This page is to tell you of my story.

This is how my story begins:
The year was 1798. I was living in Falkirk Scotland where I was born. One day it was snowing which wasn't any thing new. My brother Micheal and I were out playing in the snow that wasn't any thing new to us either. We couldn't have been any older than 18 at the time. Aye that is right we are twins. When are mother called us in for dinner Micheal ran off in a flash as I walked I could see a slinder young lady walking my way. She was about 5'6" to 5'7" maybe taller I really didn't measure her. She had long strait alburn hair that almost looked black. Her eyes were as beautiful as the ocean on a clean crisp day. Her skin was almost as pale as the snow it's self. As she approached me she was saying something or at least it looked like it, but I couldn't really hear. As she passed me I said,"good day." She replied the same and I walked home as though nothing happened but deep down I knew there was something strange about that her. The next day when I awoke I went out to find this young lady. There were a few questions I would have liked to have asked her. Like I said I had never seen this lady in my town before, and was wondering when she had gotten there and how. I searched all day and didn't find her, but the funniest thing happened that night as I was on my way home again there she was. This time I stoped her and asked her name. She gentaly replied,"BlackWidow." She had and English accent but i really couldn't place. I went to tell her mine and as i did she stopped me and said,"I know Gabreil of Falkirk." I then got nervious and said,"how do you know my name." She softly said,"I have choosen you to walk with me forever." at first I must admit that I though my brother paided this lady to play a joke on me, but as we sat there on the curb and talked she told me of things that I had done in my life that not even Micheal knew about. It freaked me out at first. I asked,"Why me?" she said,"You're like me a hunter yet fair in your decisions." and as the sun came up she stood and said,"We will carry this on tomarrow night." I didn't answer her as she walked away from me I stood there and wondered what she meant by forever. I turned and walked home. The next night I stood and waited for her yet she didn't show until when I was going to head home. I asked her if she reads my mind and only shows up when I'm going home she laughed. I asked her what she meant by forever. she kindly said,"What does forever mean". I told her that no one can live forever, but all she did was smirk. She asked me if I would join her. Just then my mother called me and I asked her if I could answer her tomarrow. She kindly replied,"Take your time I have all the time in the world". I smirked and ran home. That night my father got drunk which wasn't nothing new and he beat the hell out of me. When I finally got free of him and ran out of the house looking for ▀lackWidow to take her up on that offer. I looked every where and I finally found her setting on the curb where we had set and talked that night and the night before. As I walked toward her out of breathe she simply asked me if I had made my decision. I told her yes and that i would love to join her side for ever. She grined. The next thing i know is I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck as I began to get cold, numb, and tired. I closed my eyes and I felt a feeling of peace flow over my body. I knew i was dieing. Then out of the blue I felt something warm touch my lips. I couldn't stop myself from wanting it. Then I felt the warm substance flow down my throat. Then I felt the most pain I have ever felt. It felt as though there were a thousand fish hooks in every inch of my flesh, and they were pulling in every direction. My veins felt like they had ravors running threw then instead of blood, and as I reopened my eyes to the new world before me she pulled me into an abandend building near by where I slept that day. That night she told me that I was now a vampire, and that I would need to learn to feed and protect myself. That night she gave me a new name a name that I go by even this day she said,"you are now Asher". As time past and the years rolled by she taught me how to hunt only the mortals that killed, raped, and robbed other mortals, and to this day I'm at her side. Except now things are differnt from back then we are now in clans and run by elders and princes. I choose to take to the clan Toreador and soon became Prince of TalkCity. well I guess that would bring my story to an end now wouldn't it.

Writen Asher of Falkirk.
Prince of TalkCity and Toreador clansmen.
To know Evil and Darkness is to Embrace it as is the same for Good and Light, but what fun are they?

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