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Paul C. Pearson's Home Page

Hello Friends,

I am Paul and I am a Sophomore in Prentice High School in Prentice Wisconsin. That is in North Central Wisconsin right at the crossroads of Highways 13 and 8.

My interests are School, Girls, Cars, Motor Cycles, Anything with wheels, Photography, hunting, and fishing.

I will be placing some of my own photography here in the near future. But for now I am going to show you some pics my Dad took in Prentice, on a day they call: "Prentice Progress Days."

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For Prentice Progress Days Pics

Here are some links that is to my liking:

Now that the School year has started

I guess I should have something that will help out in school.

Below is a link to Project Gutenberg, Where you can find all kinds of Old Books. There you can download an entire text of a book to read, Or you can be lazy and let Microsoft Voice do the reading, Or any other text reader you like.

Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page

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 To go right to the books themselves

Go Here

 and click on either "Author" (to have the books listed by Author)

or "title" (to have the books listed by title)

For The On-Line Books Page

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Form The Library of Congress we have a page they titled
Words and Deeds in American History

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Also, within Geocities we have Jan's American Literature

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Here is an interesting web site.

Making of America

(scanned pages from thousands of 19th century books)

For The Library of Congress main page:

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Be sure to check out their American Memory page

From Real Player

We find a Audiobooks Channel with more than 500 full-length audiobooks that can be listened to for free.

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My father has a link page of Christian and right wing political links at:

If you would like to email me:

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