On August 14, 1974, God said, "Let there be Kristen." Then some stuff happened, bla bla bla, and here I am.

The aforementioned stuff includes but is not limited to: growing up in Baton Rouge with two parents, a brother and a sister, graduating from Redemptorist High School in 1992 and LSU in 1996 and getting a job, which kept me out of trouble for a while. In September 1998 I transplanted myself and all my earthly possessions to Houston, Texas, where I work for The Houston Chronicle. That's it.

My page is pretty bare now because I don't feel like maintaining it. Here are some photos to keep you entertained. And here's proof I'm not a slacker. And here's a list of things I hate.

Stephanie's Thoughtful Spot

Cool places
Weight Watchers This program is helping me get skinny! Here are my before and during photos.
Dotti's Weight Loss Zone This page contains a lot of good information about dieting and Weight Watchers.
Cooking Light You can find recipes low in fat and calories here.

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