In Memoriam

Jeremy "Mike" Boorda, ADM, USN


I never met you, but I'll always miss you.

When I first heard on the radio that Admiral Boorda had been found dead of a gunshot wound and that it was apparently self-inflicted, my first reaction was stunned silence. I'd heard of Boorda, although I had not followed his career particularly closely since my naval interests lay in other areas. But even what little I knew of him had convinced me that he was a fine officer and a fine human being. Thus it hurt to hear about his death, and even more so as I learned more about the circumstances that drove him to believe that the only honorable solution to his situation was to put an end to his life. Thus I decided to dedicate a little portion of my place in cyberspace to his memory. I also found some links to materials on Boorda's death, and will keep them as long as those sites remain active.

Here is the Navy's official collection of links related to Boorda's death.

And at least one writer suspects that Boorda's death may not be all that it seems.

Here is an ink portait of Boorda.

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