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Here is a compilation of links to various sites with materials having to do with the attack on Pearl Harbor and particularly with the question of who should bear the blame for America's unreadiness on that fateful morning. It also includes a bibliography of books and articles related to Pearl Harbor.

Here is the bibliography of Pearl Harbor books and articles which I have developed over the last several years. It's a work in progress, and I'll be adding more items as I get word of them, as well as more annotations as I'm able to actually read the articles.

The Pearl Harbor Room has reviews of books on Pearl Harbor.

Recently Congress held some hearings as to whether the Admiral should be restored to his full rank on the retired list. Here is a transcript of one of those hearings.

Here is USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Remembered.

Books continue to come out all the time with more evidence relating to Pearl Harbor. Here's one that gives totally new evidence exonorating the Admiral, from a totally unsuspected area. Advance Force Pearl Harbor

Although I don't agree with everything that's on the Pearl Harbor Archive, I have to admit as a historian that there is a lot of valuable material there, some of which is difficult or almost impossible to find elsewhere. Read it with critical faculties on.

Aegean Park Press has just issued a new edition of the report of the 1946 Congressional investigation of Pearl Harbor. They are already advertising it on the Web, although they don't make it clear whether this is just a summary or the complete set with all the technical information. If it is the latter, this would be an excellent primary source for the researcher.

Here is a sizeable archive of materials related to the various investigations of Pearl Harbor. There is a lot of primary source material from both friend and foe, so be aware of this when you start going through it.

Louisville University has a collection of materials having to do with Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor -- Mother of All Conspiracies" is a site by a First Order revisionist who accuses Roosevelt of primary malfeasance as well as general moral failure as a human being.

I've also found a number of sites dedicated to the Arizona memorial, which commemorates those who died aboard the battleship during the attack.

Pearl Harbor Remembered is a general site about the Arizona memorial.

There is also an alternate site which has some slight differences in the graphics and layout but appears to be done by the same individual.

The Arizona memorial also has its own home page.

The University of Arizona library maintains their own homepage for the battleship.

Here is a photo of the sign at the entrance gate that leads down to the Arizona memorial.

photograph of the destroyer U.S.S. Litchfield, which H. E. Kimmel commanded during the 1920's. This is a large file and may take a long time to load. Use your browser's back button to return here. The photograph is courtesy of Charles Walker, who served aboard this ship during the relevant period.

I've also found a genealogy on the Kimmel family, including several other branches beside that of the Admiral

If you know of any other links, or find one that doesn't work, please let me know!

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