Pearl Harbor and Me

Or why I am a Pearl Harbor revisionist

In 1992 I reached the absolute nadir of my life. I had lost my job and was living at home with parents I could not agree with, desperately trying to find a way out of the situation without any luck and generally feeling absolutely hopeless. During that time, I was reading a book about Pearl Harbor and found myself staring at a portrait of Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, who was unjustly dismissed from his post and the Navy for having the misfortune to be in command of the Pacific Fleet at the time. As I sat there thinking how similar my own situation was to his (both he and I had been unjustly dismissed from our positions and thrown away like trash), I thought, I can sure understand how you must've felt.

That was when I felt the admiral's voice within my head, asking, So what are you going to do about it? In that moment I simultaniously discovered my talent as a spirit medium and gained a purpose in life. Admiral Kimmel promised to help me through my own troubles if I would in return seek steadfastly to clear his good name and undo as much as possible of the harm that was done to him by his enemies in the Roosevelt Administration.

I quickly agreed, and soon found myself learning things I'd never even dreamt possible. In the mortal realm I delved into all manner of books, developing a bibliography of materials on Pearl Harbor and evaluating them in reference to their attitude on who should bear the blame for the debacle there. Meanwhile I began a journey of the spirit that would ultimately surprise me. Bit by bit the Admiral revealed to me various things about the spirit world and what was to be my destiny. Finally the Admiral revealed to me why he sought me out -- I am the reincarnation of his eldest son, Manning Marius Kimmel III, who died as captain of the submarine U.S.S. Robalo.

Of course things haven't always been easy. In the mortal realm, following through on my promise to clear my spirit-father's good name has embroiled me in more than one ugly flamewar online, since I kept finding people where were badmouthing the Admiral on various newsgroups. In the spirit world my connection with the Admiral dragged me into the CinCPac War. But I have not permitted these difficulties to turn me away, reminding myself that anything worth doing must necessarily involve some measure of pain.

Last updated September 14, 2001.

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