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The following is a compilation of answers to the question: "If you could have one thing that you feel is missing in your life, what would it be? I have omitted the names of the authors due to the delicateness of their answers. If anyone lurking, or a member of our group would like to change or add to this list, I'll gladly update itů

If you could have one thing in your life that you feel is missing, what would it be?

Peace of mind

My son

More time

The complete interest, caring and passion for people that a friend of mine

exhibits for all

The time and money to do the things in life that I really want to do.

A job.

My sanity

Friends and family in the same geographical area.

To find my birth mother and father.

To overcome obstacles that I know aren't realities but feel as such.

My freedom from the chains of responsibilities to those who no longer appreciate me.

An unending supply of scrumptious chocolate fudge bars with ice cream and NO calories!

More money! That way I could send everyone tickets so we could all be together!

To live in one place for more than a few years. To meet all my newfound friends.

My bedroom..Dolly Parton..Her dream come true!

A boyfriend, a relationship, you know, all that mushy stuff.

I have found the one thing that was missing in my life..and it was right here in Agape`.

That piece of the American Dream many have and many don't have. A lifelong, equally ambitious, and outrageous better half.

My child's father.

A really good mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich with the mutton nice and lean-it's soo perky!

A car, apartment and money.

The only thing missing is being with the woman that I love.

I would like to live on a farm away from the crowd with my family. I would like to work there too and have friends come over.

Millions of dollars!

I don't feel that I am missing anything in my life except the 'perfect job'. However, this will come in time.

I wish I could find the support and love that I feel from Agape in my day to day life here.

Feeling of contentment; I wish I didn't feel so all alone.

I wish I could get over my shyness and just take a plunge into life.

I wish I was able to let go and move on.


Hmm..what would it be? To get over the past-get out of the past-and move

towards the future..(let me look back over what I just wrote and think about it.- some habits are hard to break?)

Every person that walks into Agape, and decides to leave, causes us to be missing something very important. Their input, their being. That is what I miss.

Self Esteem & Confidence with no depression........

And visitors to this site had this to add:

Grizzly:interesting question and resulting list of "options"/answers...but I had to ask, why didn't they include..."none of the above, I am fortunate enough to be living a life that is fulfilled"...just a thought... :-)

Lovelady:It has been life long dream to become an actor but I don't know who to contact..

Jack:to bend down, kiss the earth full on the mouth and make it's pain go away (now, that's P-O-W-E-R)!!

Snoopy: I think my answer would be to be with my long distance love.

Anonymous: The true love of my life, but unfortunately she is not my wife.

Lee: The thing I want most in the world is a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that I can once again live my live as I would like.

Useful:contentment.... for all who respond...

B.W.H. said: I would like to travel to Brasil for 1 week to meet the most wonderful woman I know. We meet on the internet.We write ever day and I am 62 she is 50. That is my dream. We are both married and enjoy each other.

Sam: The one thing I wish for is that all people would feel and understand the unity of life as I see it.

Dreamst@r:What I would like in my life that I don't have is a mate who loves the joy of life as I do.

Dave the Doodler:The one thing I would like to have or to be revealed to me is the truth.Truth of what's really out there, beyond what our eyes can see and what our inner selves can barely come close to even reaching to scratch the surface!
Aris: 1: World peace
2: Love amongst us all. Now thats not too much to ask for I hope. Thanks for understanding.. if I had one wish although the previous two are very nice and probably unrealistic in our times, there is one thing I would wish for, less suffering or no suffering for the children of the world.

Lisa Wiggins: Inner peace, strength, and good health for all.

Lady Elisabeth: Love. To live my dream. To have my dream to hold.

PrinceB:Of all the wonderful things this world has to offer, the one thing I would like is myself back. I have lived for somebody else for so long, and have hidden what is truly me, because of the hurt that is also there.

Tom:To have all the time in the world to entertain Angels, and to have them smile on me.

HarryB: I am missing a red (or yellow) Ferrari 355. A better golf swing, a stronger back and am willing to give up pounds in fat in trade. Keep smiling!

Val: HIM! :-(

Christina: If I could have on thing in my life that I feel is missing, it would be self- confidence.

Bob from Ohio: The way I see it, no one should say they are missing something in their life. We all were given the same opportunity in the USA, and its up to every individual to seek their dreams, or goal, because only thing that is holding them back from doing themselves.!! A lot of men and women die to give us all our freedom, so we shouldn't ask for more, we should give more and also say "thanks" for everything in our lives.

ShineGirl:I agree with Lee, a cure for chronic fatigue would make me happy... = well, that and a cure for all the other dieases in the world...

Alison:If I could have one thing in this world I would want everyone to see clearly the inner beauty in those around them. Forget all this external beauty garbage, it's what is in the heart that counts

Maria:To finally come to the actual knowledge that God is in control.That nothing that happens to me will really touch my being unless i ,myself permit it to.Although i'm often to be afraid of what is going on around me,because i'm not quite to the point of complete trust of my creator that i think matters.To have the knowing in my heart that His plan for my life is and will continue to be GOOD.

Nan:The thoughts have touched me in many ways. . . . My desires are two-fold : that each person could live in safety and have the knowledge that she/he is loved unconditionally.

The Managie: I wish to become happier by someone who can hold my hand and say he loves me. A final touch is a red rose and a smile with sincerity.

Dave: Eternal happiness, or even a modified version that allows me to smile more than once a month

Bob: I wish I could have all my friends back that reside on the Wall. Those were the days of my youth.

Rick: I would like to have time back, time to undo the many mistakes I've made, time to know true happiness just once. But the saddest thing of all is you only get one chance to do it right.

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