Welcome to the 100 Akre Wood - Pooh's Place!

Pooh's Thotful Spot
Along with being a quiet place for Pooh to think, here's also hums, trivia, games and plenty of Pooh site links.
Eeyore's Thistle Patch
This is Eeyore's corner of the forest. Join him in a hunt for thistles and also find quotes and literary links in the process.
Tigger's Bouncing Place
Watch out for bouncing! Tigger has all sorts of fun and entertaining games and sites here.
Owl's Wolery
In an old-world residence of great charm, Owl offers several word puzzles, trivia and a shelf full of useful reference sites.
Rabbit's Garden
Rabbit is mighty proud of this garden. After all: in what other can you find links and games mixed in with veggies!
Kanga's Kitchen
Kanga has cupboards full of links, activities and projects to do! Just perfect for parents and teachers we must say....
Roo's Playground
Want to play with Roo? Well then Roo's room is for you. It's full of links and games just for little roos.
Piglet's Beech Tree
As one, good friend of Pooh's, Piglet has decided to offer his home to all you others. Pictures, sounds and other frequently requested items lay within.
Christopher Robin's House
As the roots behind this forest, C.R. offers all the info on the latest happenings around here. Stop by the Pooh store. Join a Pooh discussion. Vote for your favorite character. Learn the history behind Pooh and lots, lots more!
Notices and Eteceteras
Generally regarded as a message board for what-nots: plans for future expotitions, heffalump and woozle sightings, rissolutions and other important missages of the day will reside here.

Perhaps feeling a bit lost? Need some help? Or just want to know where to go first? Well, Pooh can help . . . follow him and find the answers to all the questions you might have.

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