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This site will eventually contain the ENTIRE text of the D&D Basic and the First Edition AD&D. Why, am I using such old material? The answer is very simple. This is an advocacy site. Its purpose is to expose the misrepresentations of D&D by media and Christian Fundamentalists wackos. Next

They are the ones who insist on using material printed before 1982 to "prove" that D&D is "Satanic" or "evil" or that it "causes homicides or suicides". Here I will compare what the critics have to say is in the rule books with what is actually there.

I will compare the actual texts of various anti D&D publications side by side with the actual D&D material. I will also have links from typical questions about D&D like ("Isn't D&D demonic because of all the curses in the game?") to the relevant topics in the rule books.

This is a huge job and I will need HELP!! from game advocates and players. For now I have provided [ LINKS ]_ to some interesting and informative web sites and publications.


AD&DRealm. a very special link.

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