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Electroninc CauldronE-Cauldron is a source for the latest news and happenings in and around the British Pagan community. E-Cauldron is striving to be a positive source for communication amongst followers of the Pagan paths, and offer a number of services to aid in this.

A group dedicated to working together to dispel myths and lies that are being spread about those who are of Earth Spirituality.

Celtic Goddess Collection Artist Jessica Galbreth's work featuring Celtic Goddesses and Fairies.

Hearth Witch The beginnings of a personal web site

Mindy's Wiccan-Witchcraft Page Magickal Correspondences, Numerology and Tarot Spreads.

Hera & Mia's Wicca Linx Page : This page is to further guide you in finding the necessary Pagan/Wiccan/Magick Pages

Volute's Witchy Site A Crash Course in a Witch's Garden, and loads of Wiccan info

Blue Candle Home Page Healing page for all creatures of Mother Earth and Father Sky

The Witches League for Public Awareness exactly what the name implies. A page to correct any misinformation about Witches

Green Pages General Pagan information, pages are constantly changing with information contributed by visitors

Pandora's Pagan Page Home of Cauldrons and Broomsticks Magazine, all things pagan, on-lines study groups, book shop

The Witches' Voice News and education network. Modern concerns and witchcraft in the news.Extensive booklist.

Stormlight's Wicca Page. Resources, links.

The Craft. Very professional site. If you haven't yet been, go when you have time.


The Herbal Encyclopedia Properties and uses of various healing herbs, herbal healing for pets

The Old Craft Homepage Remedies and folk medicine, tales and legends

Herb Society Herb Society Home Page(U.K.).Includes spring sowing guide

Johnnyseeds Address to snail mail for catalog, and are working on an on-line catalog. Good inventory of culinary ,medicinal herbs, and flower seeds

Healing Arts National Directory This site focuses on the Healing Arts : Holistic Practitioners, Bodyworkers, Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioners, Natural Products and Healing Services. The Directory is divided geographically into a series of websites and divided by category within each website.

Supplies and Shops

Moonlight Mysteries: Online shop selling wiccan, pagan, and celtic jewelry and supplies.

Lemuria : Information and over 3000 products for many spiritual paths, including Wicca.

Earth Tones Studio Musical Recordings, Educational Recordings, Clothing, Magickal Tools, Jewelry, African Drums & Ethnic Instruments, Books

The Tranquil Moon New Age Center : Books, Music, Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Holders, Minerals, Angels, Herbs, Tarot, Dreamcatchers, Stained Glass

Equinox Books and Occult Supplies Custom incense,their speciality is books.

For books and resources visit : . Wide variety of books for the Mind, Body and Spirit. This site has a feature book of the week and a special feature section that focuses on a different subject.

Other Interesting Places

The Halloween section of From the actress Caryn Shalita - earth and animal lover The new site of Arielle Ford, the author of "Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Teenage Soul." This book is the third in Ford's popular book series featuring heart-warming and life-affirming stories about mystical experiences in our everyday world. Here you can read magickal, inspirational true stories or submit one of your own that may appear in a future edition.

MindTexT Combines two of the largest educational seminar companies which focus on the brain and behavior, Mind Matters Seminars and CorTexT.

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