The Manor in Spring

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Wicca Basics

What is Wicca? What are pagans? Do witches worship Satan?What is a witch?

Do I need to find a coven?What about initiation?What is dedication?Why a pentagram?

What is a Book of Shadows?The Principles of Witchcraft

GreyWing's Herbal

Featured Herb The Garden(previously featured herbs)Herbal PreparationsDefinitions of Medical Actions

Magickal CorrespondecesHorticultural TermsBibliography

The Book of Shadows

* coming soon

Section 1 Principles of Belief

Chapter 1 The Rede*Chapter 2 Gods and Goddesses *Chapter 3 Tenets of Beliefs*Chapter 4 Planes of Existence

Section 2 A Search for Meaning

Chapter 5 What and who are the Watchtowers? Chapter 6 Symbolism of the Circle Chapter 7 Dictonary

Section 3 On Preparation of Mind and Spirit

Chapter 8 Find Your Craft Name*Chapter 9 Visualization *Chapter 10 Meditation a beginning

Section 4 On Preparation for Magick

*Chapter 11 Creating Your Sacred Space Chapter 12 Tools Chapter 13 Altars and Altar Setup

Chapter 14 Color Correspondence for Candle Magic Chapter 15 Dressing a Candle for Ritual

Chapter 16 Candle Magick BasicsChapter 17 The Principles of the Elements*Chapter 18

Chapter 19 Lunar Phases and Magick

Section 5 Handcrafted Items

Chapter 20 Making Bayberry CandlesChapter 21 Making a Witch's Ladder charm Chapter 22 Poppets

Section 6 (GreyWing's Spells and Rituals) In Circle

Chapter 23 Casting the Circlewithout WatchtowersChapter 24 Closing the Circlewithout Watchtowers

*Chapter 25 Casting the Circle, Calling Quarters with Watchtowers*Chapter 26 Closing the Circle with Watchtowers

Section 7 On Ritual Work

Chapter 27 Basic Ritual Structure>Chapter 28 Purification of SelfChapter 29 A Self Initiation

Chapter 30 Cleansing and Consecration of Tools*Chapter 31 Full Moon Ritual

*Chapter 32 Altar Dedication Ritual

Section 8 On Spellwork

Chapter 33 Days and Corresponding SpellworkChapter 34 Spells of LoveChapter 35 Spells of Protection

Reccommended Reading

The Manor-House Bath and Beauty Room

Baths and Body Care

Basic Body ScrubWhole Body Mud PackBasic Body Oil

Herbal Hair Care

Sandlewood and Soapwart ShampooDry Hair and Scalp Shampoo Intensive Hair Conditioner

Re-Moisturizing Scalp LotionHair Rinses

Lotions and Creams

Basic CreamRosewater CreamMoisturizing Vitemin E CreamBasic LotionRose Petal LotionMilk and Honey LotionElderflower Cold Cream

Beauty in History

The Dining Room

Choosing Your Own MenuThe Ritual of Meals

The Menu

AppetizersMushrooms a la GrecqueCornmeal CrackersVegetable and Cracker Platter

SaladsGreek Salad with OlivesVegetable Salad

BreadsAnadama BreadOld-Fashion Oatmeal Bread

SoupsNew England Clam ChowderRoasted Red Onion SoupPotato and Dill Soup

VegtablesRoasted AsparagusSnow PeasClear Sight Carrots

PastasSpinach and Whole Wheat Fettuccine with Wid Mushrooms and CheeseStuffed Tufoli or ManicottiSpaghetti with Lobster

Non-Vegetarian Main CoursesCornish HensApricot Fricassee

DrinksRose Petal PunchYogurt BracerPsychic Physic

DessertsLemonbalm and Blueberry CakePears with Raspberry PureeBaked Apples with Fennel

The Manor-House Kitchen

Weekdays and Their Magickal CorrespondencesMonths and Their Magickal CorrespondencesAromas and Their Magickal CorrespondencesFood and Their Magickal AssociationsKitchen Witchery Tools

The Manor-House Society



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