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The Manor-House
For Wiccan Studies Society

Society Founder

Statement of Purpose

It is the goal of this Society to be the gathering place of the finest Educational sites for the Wiccan/Witchcraft Community on the Web, a resource to be used by novices and seasoned practitioners alike. This is NOT just a link site. Only the absolute best of the Wiccan/Witchcraft sites of the web will be found here.

The Society is not exactly a web ring, and not exactly an award. There are so many Awards on the Web that are just handed out to add links to pages. It is GreyWing's intention that the Manor-House for Wiccan Studies Society Emblem represents the Ultimate the Web has to offer the Wiccan/Witchcraft community.

The Requirements of Site Entrance to the Society are :

The site must be Wicca/e, or Witchcraft orientated

A working knowledge of HTML

Design must be visually very pleasing, showing a mature attitude (no rotating bleeding pentagrams, skulls smoking cigarettes, etc.)

No broken links or graphics

All graphics are to be on your server, no stealing bandwidth, source code will be checked

For a Solitary,Coven, or Group Site, at least half of the information on your site must be original

Link-only sites will not be considered

Credit given to graphic designers or writers of material when known

Graphic banners will not be used as links from the Society Page for quicker download

The Society Emblem, when given, is to be displayed on your index page, and linked to this Society Page.

All Members will be listed on this page

Anyone finding a site with a Manor-House Society Emblem that is not authorized, you are asked to contact GreyWing at the E-Mail address below

If your site is approved for entrance to the Society, a graphic similar to the one below will be sent to you, personalized with your site name, along with the proper html code to link the graphic back to this site.

First Recipient Yet to be Chosen

Email GreyWing

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