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Growing Up In Hilo
Recollections: 1947-1962

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On Christmas Day 1995, Craig Miyamoto presented a special book to each member of his family. The culmination of more than 10 years of work, the book chronicles episodes and events that he experienced while growing up in Hilo, a small city on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the State of Hawaii.

Those were the years of growing up ... and these are the stories of those years.

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Forward (An Introduction)

Part I: The "B.R." Days (1946 - 1949)

Page A-1: The "B.R." Days, J. Akuhead Pupule, A Bad Sense Of Direction, Global Disaster, Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z, Stuff About Dad

Page A-2: Ojichan's Funeral, Our Special Christmas Tree, Never Dig Up A Cat Mound, Bon Dances, Driving Me Out Of My Mind, An Odd Place To Do It, I Kill The Language

Page A-3: A Head Too Big, Bozo The Clown, Lanai Pond, Hospital Memories, The Injections, The Airplane Bridge, Football And Jimmy, Stories--A Tradition, Great-Obachan's Room, Dayle Is Born

Part II: The "Riverside School" Days (1950 - 1955)

Page B-1: A Traumatic First Day, 100+11=Eleventy-One, A Lesson In Nature, Audrey is Born, The Ekaha Street Neighborhood, Our Own Home, The Wong Family, Baseball Games, Television Arrives

Page B-2: More Sugar For Your Cocoa, Easter Eggs, A Talented Puppeteer, Mom--The Good Cook, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, A Fowl Story, Dayle And I Make Trouble, Deadly Schoolbag

Page B-3: My Super Tricycle, Bye Bye Adenoids, Japanese School Part I, Eric Is Born, Mrs. Deverill's Class, (Shudder Grossly), Juvenile Delinquent, Gimme More Books, Mochi Crunches Me

Page B-4: Learning To Drown Gracefully, Al Capone's Car, Everything Turns White, Judo Lessons, Rock And Roll Rules, Sing Sing A Song, The High And The Mighty

Page B-5: Our New Buick, Japanese School Part II, Family Stores, Knives

Page B-6: A Musical Year, The Black Mariah, My First Smoke, Christmas Traditions, A New Year Bang

Page B-7: Mrs. Sharp And Jumbo, Being Responsible, Dragonfly Nymphs, A Born Pianist, Stamping Around

Part III: The Public Schools (1956 - 1962)

Page C-1: A Little Early Perhaps, Rubber Heaven, Karen Is Born, Summer Camp, More About Camp, It Was A Gas, Well Boil Me Down, It Was Fascination, The Hula

Page C-2: The Famous Ant Farms, Mumps Mumps Mumps, The River, Lovers Discovered, We Build A Pool, "Mullet" Over, Ker-Splash, The Stickfish, Trespassing On State Land, Good Times With Ron

Page C-3: Two-Finger Typing, Oops Excuse My Slip, The Hitchhiker, A Spectacle, Wood Shop, Statehood Celebration, We Don't Get No Respect

Page C-4: Overnight At The Beach, "Small Stuff," The Sugar Cane Field, Give The Man A Turkey, Riot At Hilo High, The Wave Arrives

Page C-5: A Unique Carnival, Bomb Scares, Our New Chrysler, The Projector Operator Club

Page C-6: Fishing Derby White-Wash, The "Smoking Gun," We Are Jobbed (Er, Jawbed), A Sobering Lesson, Cheating Death, The Dodge Lancer

Page C-7: My First Jawb (Er, Job), The Peace Corps, Now That I Can Dance, Playing Cards With The Guys, Oh My Pizza Pie, A Nuke At Night

Page C-8: Mountain Sickness, Cutting Class, The Honor Society, Graduation, A Down-To-Earth Jawb (Er, Job)

Page C-9: Childhood's End

Photo Memories: Craig's Hilo Days Photo Album

The Hilo Days Jukebox: Songs of the '50s and '60s

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