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Libertarian Links

Libertarianism was a philosophy I held dear. However, after having moved to a more liberal city, and examining my beliefs(as I ever so periodically do), I realized that I couldn't agree with everything the libertarians believe... However, there is still much about them that I agree with. I would like to thing of myself as a moderate-left-leaning-libertarian. But, taking the "Are you a libertarian?" test again, I came up as a Liberal!!! I keep these pages up as a reference to what was, and still I think it's got some interesting links. This will be part of my newer and more diverse political site. I don't have much to contribute politically right now, and I may never offer much substance, but I will from time to time post rants and raves regarding the state of the world, and America's esteemed position within it...


My sisters site: Yellow Brick Road. If you are bipolar, or would like a look into the bipolar mind from a creative point of view, just follow it...

One last thing... My friend Brent Gustafson now has a new website(and his own domain). He's got some cool shit on there... His own vita-cam, people page(Hey, Brent, when am I gonna be on there? j.k.), lab, TKE(Teeks are geeks, or so I hear from a non-teeker), and more. BTW, the domain is Just point your browser to and you can check out his site.

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