Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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New Deal
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  This page offers you a list of interesting homepages and sites about Roosevelt and his New Deal. Although everyone is encouraged to use the links, they're in the first place for teachers dealing with the subject in the classroom. We found many pages about FDR on the net, but just a few are especially suitable for usage by teachers and pupils. The 'Best sites' are most valuable concerning education. Here you can find loads of information, pictures and other educational material. The 'Other sites' are smaller, but they're all worth a visit.
Best sites
  1. New Deal Network [Everything about the New Deal]
  2. The American Presidency [Grolier Online Encyclopedia]
  3. FDR Cartoon Archive [Political cartoons from the precidency of FDR]
  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Digital Archives [A lot of information about FDR]
  5. POTUS, Presidents of the United States: Franklin Delano Roosevelt [The Internet Public Library]
  6. The Educational Resources Information Center [Search ERIC]
Other sites
  1. The White House Web Server: Franklin D. Roosevelt [Four Inaugural addresses, short biography]
  2. The New Deal and World War [An outline of American History, chapter 10]
  3. South Carolina General Assembly, House Portrait Gallery [Picture, short text]
  4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1936 Visit to Houston [Four pictures]
  5. Fireside Chats of Franklin D. Roosevelt [Thirty Fireside Chats]
  6. Franklin D. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Speech [December 8, 1941]
  7. List of US Presidents [Order all presidents by a subject you like]
  8. Anticommunism and New Deal Federal Art
  9. The Four Freedoms, At Home and Abroad [Speeches and comments]
  10. The Four Freedoms

  11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Picture]
  12. The History Channel, Speeches [ search for 9 speeches of FDR]
  13. The Depression News, The 1930s [With 'Teachers' Stuff' and 'Kids' Stuff']
  14. From the New Deal to a New Century: A Short History of TVA [Summary of the TVA]
  15. Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Short biography]
  16. New Deal Cultural Programs: Experiments in Cultural Democracy
  17. Roosevelt University, Center for New Deal Studies
  18. FDR Puts the Great Seal on the One-Dollar Bill in 1935 [Short story]
  19. The Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission Home Page [Some history about international agreement]
  20. FDR Memorial [About the FDR Memorial in West Potomac Park]

  21. FDR's Ties to Georgia [Information concerning this subject]
  22. Fala, The President's Dog [Info about Fala]
  23. American Presidents, Life Portraits [Life Facts, Presidential Places, Reference Material]
  24. Manus Hand, Visiting Franklin Roosevelt's Grave
  25. Find A Grave [Some pictures]
  26. Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
  27. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. President [Some info and links]
  28. Grolier Online, The American Presidency [Biography, quick facts]
  29. Grolier Online, Franklin D. Roosevelt [Long biography]
  30. Time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Biography, quiz]

  31. America Votes, Presidential Campaign Memorabilia from the Duke University Special Collections Library
  32. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) [About painting by Douglas Chandor]
  33. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd president of the United States: 1933-1945 [Speeches]
  34. American Memory [Five photographs]
  35. Information Center, Hellen Keller Papers [Several letters written by FDR to Keller and vice versa]
  36. The University of Oklahoma Law Center [Congressional Declaration of War on Germany]
  37. The History of the U.S.S. Potomac [About the presidential yacht]
  38. The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School, The Papers of Franklin Roosevelt
  39. The Federal Writers' Project and the History of Everyday Life [Lessonplan]
  40. Constitutional Issues: Separation of Powers [Lesson]

  41. A Date Wich Will Live in Infamy [Lesson]
  42. The Dying President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944-1945 [About book]
  43. Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, National Historic Site
  44. FDR: The Man, Presidency and The New Deal, The Memorial, Impact on D.C. [Lots of info]
  45. New Deal Acronyms [Explaining the 'Alphabet Soup']
  46. Character Above All: Franklin D. Roosevelt [Essay]
  47. Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Short Biography]
  48. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Books Online
  49. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  50. WebQuest: Franklin Delano Roosevelt [An Online Learning Project for High School Student

  51. Online Virtual Tour: The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  52. First Inaugural Speech of Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Text]
  53. Albert Einstein's Letters to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Four letters]
  54. Springwood, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Home and Library [Short description, few pics]
  55. Presidents Day Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Some facts]
  56. The history of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  57. Remarks of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  58. Biography Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Spanish]
  59. [Five articles]
  60. FDR: Pacific Warlord [Online book, twelve chapters]

  61. Our Handicaps Exist Only In The Mind
  62. The Four Freedoms delivered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on January 6, 1941
  63. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2001
  64. Presidential Inaugurations [About Inauguration]
  65. Selections from the Archives of American Art [Some correspondence]
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