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...the forces comes from different channels inside the Vortex's heart. ...neuron Vreex is this special place, where the input forces, in a big meeting, may converge, to exchange and sharing their energies and polarity, before flowing outside the Vortex. This is a pulsar process, who is visible in all natural and artificial phenomenal. The life, many times, get you inside neuron Vreex at different level: dreaming time, social relation, marriage, etc., there you meets other forces.. and then, after the experience, you come outside  little bit changed. This playing, take places ever, endlessy!

from:  Polar Genesis in the anonymous empire.
"Genesi Polare - l'impero anonimo"
Clenz Domingo

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point Esperimento Itinere. Accensione di abilita' di apprendimento in una comununita' multietnica
point Vypracon 2001: Odissea nel Pianeta Yoga.  C.B.T in autoistruzione sull'apprendimento dello yoga
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point Polar Genesis. ..forthcoming

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