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Welcome. I hope you find something of interest in my plethora of links.
If you find that a link is outdated, please send me a mail message so I can update it.
There are plenty of links from my world of History, Genealogy, Music, Religion, Politics, Education, Computers and more.
Feature Verse-
. . . the bombs came down like steel rain
hit the ground like steel rain
nothing sounds like steel rain
"it's our lot in life, son" his father explains. . .
. . .She lives in a world she didn't choose
And it hurts like brand new shoes
Hurts like brand new shoes . . .

A Free and Unfettered Press
Links to World News Coverage.
Al Jazeera World Net Daily The World Tribune
The DRUDGE Report


Phil Keaggy ``Way Back Home''

Wellsville, Ohio

The Coming Battle
The True History of Our National Debt

The Story of
Clan MacEwen
Reviresco -- Clan MacEwen
Clan MacEwan
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