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Edna Onoue - 10/25/00 16:34:46
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Hi there, Have we already met in FINICA before? By the way, you got an awesome site here. If you have the luxury of time; please take a peek at our family photo page. It's very simple really. As fledgling on the web as I am; don't really have the skills required to make a more complicated page. It's not quite finished though; I'll add some more pages later. Maybe some stuff about U.C. All the best, Edna

zacharias - 09/17/00 13:42:39
My Email:zacha@valley.ne.jp

beautifull page. I will introduce it to my friends too. zach :-D

Dominique Zulueta - 09/03/00 08:12:48

Hello to all! A new Pinoy BBS is now online at http://www.pinoyvip.com :)

Brian Benjamin Dirige - 08/21/00 11:35:25
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Hi! it has been a long time that I haven't been visiting your homepage. It has changed a lot since I last saw it. Your family page is very inspiring and very informative. Can I link your page from our family homepage? Wishing your family love and blessings from the True Parents. If you have time please visit our page,too. MANSEI!

Ella Aguilar - 07/26/00 05:58:14
My Email:ellaaguilar@edsamail.com.ph

Medyo senti ka ano. Bihira sa lalake iyan. Pero maganda, ituloy mo. Swerte ang misis mo. Wala akong sariling website, pero may irerekomenda ako sa iyo-- http://www.inkblot.8m.com Kung namimiss mo ang kulturang pinoy, maraming kwento rito na sinulat sa a ing sariling wika...

Iwan van der Ploeg - 07/23/00 00:01:54
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Stuart_6/STU.html

I really enjoyed my visit to your site, you created a GREAT! Site, I will visit again soon. GREETZzzzzz, from the Netherlands

robert - 07/11/00 10:15:28
My URL:http://home1.inet.tele.dk/hpt/robert

Hi, Great site! Enjoyed reading and looking every page. Keep it up! Cheers from Robertc

Susan Hosokawa - 02/13/00 13:44:17
My Email:japiwis@pg.highway.ne.jp

Thanks for sharing your intro and this lovely home page with us. May God and True Parents bless your efforts for Heaven

leonor - 01/19/00 14:17:37


DAISY TAN ENTICO - 01/09/00 10:30:40
My Email:sweetdaisy16@usa.net


Gaby - 11/01/99 21:37:23
My URL:http://www.mavromatis.de
My Email:mavromatis@xglobe.com

Hello!!! You did a good job - nice site!!!!! I really enjoyed my visit here. Greetings from Germany to you and your family - Gaby -

Ken & Lorie Shiokawa - 10/31/99 17:20:41
My Email:kenilors@gw2.gateway.ne.jp

Very nice homepage. Beautiful family. ITPN, Ken&Lorie

Chris - 08/19/99 03:04:05
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ar/friend2/index.html

Very nice site. I enjoyed my visit.

oji domingo - 06/14/99 13:03:08
My Email:oji_d@hotmail.com

I'm just browsing our site. And I dropped by your page. How'd you put that Dust in the Wind music? More power! ITPN, Oji

BriaNaomi - 04/23/99 12:07:38
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Estates/2583
My Email:brianaom@d2.dion.ne.jp

Your site is one of the best,I guess. Your poems are inspiring. I didn't know you got such good sense ofliterature. BRAVO!

Tracy - 04/21/99 00:16:25
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/4005
My Email:taycie@bservice.org

Nice site :) Very interesting, looking forward to exploring more!

AznKreation - 04/16/99 03:21:27
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Hey! You have a really nice page. Keep up the good work and sign my guestbook too k? http://www.oocities.com/tokyo/Dojo/8184


Lasse Tunturivuori - 03/22/99 20:21:16
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Athens/5170/
My Email:lasse_t@oocities.com

A really neat page! It is a wonderful theme, you have chosen, you really know how to put words together. Keep up the good work!

MySTikPnOy - 03/11/99 23:43:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Tokyo/Bay/5907/
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waddup berwin...koohl webpage you gotz hea...i don't know much tagalog but i think you said add you to the asian webring...um i don't know which one that is because i'm in like 4 or 5 of them so can you email me the link to the page. nyways i'm out latez

M . y . S . T . i . k . P . n . O . y

Bonjo Sorongon - 03/10/99 03:25:02
My Email:bonjo@writeme.com

Galing nang homepage mo brod! Idagdag mo yong picture mo next time. Regards pala to all Pinoy-Japs whom you know Especially yong batch '92 (30,000 Couples) See you. I'll be in Osaka.

Michael Crick - 02/20/99 13:14:09
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Erich - 02/12/99 01:59:26
My URL:http://www.unc.edu.ph/~erich/erich.html
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Cool page dude !

Maria - 01/20/99 14:48:46
My URL:http://mypage.goplay.com/maria16
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Very, very good page... poems are great... it's also nicely designed! You've done a great job. Good luck to you in developing this page

Jean - 01/20/99 07:25:47
My Email:fuising@email.com

u have a nice homepage. put more pics is nicer.

Shelby - 01/06/99 01:56:43
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/sd/willy101
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neat page! keep adding to it! thanx for visiting mine. i'm making a link page soon so i'll add yours. -k-

Henry - 12/27/98 06:06:28
My Email:hjsmontana@mail.utexas.edu

Hi there, Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit your homepage. Ooo.. please let me introduce myself. My nickname is Zhao Yun. We have talked a few times in ICQ. Hope you know me :-) My comment: It's a nice homepage, especially the pages called "Poems" and "Thoughts." I like them. Hope you have a great time there. ~Henry~ ("Zhao Yun" on ICQ)

Joy - 12/24/98 16:25:26
My Email:mendozaj@cadvision.com

Very Impressive. Say hi to your wife. Talk to you later.

jrmac - 12/18/98 19:21:20
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You have a great site and I enjoyed my visit.If you want to attract a huge number of visitors sign up for this totally FREE service at http://www.links2u.com/index.shtml?jrmac@sprint.ca or buy the GOLD service (like I have) for a guaranteed 10,000 visito s.

arwin - 12/15/98 13:31:52
My Email:rwin01@hotmail.com

wonderful creativity and idea.

Karen - 12/10/98 15:34:59
My URL:http://members.aol.com/karfree65/
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I thought I would come meet my neighbors on the Love My Home Page ring.

Jessie - 11/28/98 03:14:31
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Paris/Parc/8741
My Email:yeogie@yahoo.com

Great job you've done here! Thank you for linking to my site.. however it's called "Silenced Emotions".. not Silence Emotions. Thank you for signing my guestbook... and thought I'd return the favor. Check your email for my surprise. Bye.

Kirsten - 11/10/98 01:26:50
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ma/kirstensdomain
My Email:summerBerry@webtv.net

You have a very beautiful touching webpage!!! It shows the great effort that was put into it!! Thaks for coming by my page and signing my guestbook!! Take care

Carrie - 11/01/98 20:53:48
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/CaliGal82/index.html
My Email:CaliGal82@aol.com

Hi there, I'm back! And I am so truly honored to have a part not only in your links section but in the part where you tell how people got you started on your homepage :) That means very much to me. As I said before, when I get my FTP program going again, will link back to you, no problem. My only comment on your page is that on the main page there are two columns of links, and it is quite confusing to tell what the difference between each list is. Maybe if you listed one of them "Poems I've written" and he other "page" or something equally cheesy :) It would just help give the viewer a better idea of what they're looking at. You've got a great page :)

Lady Wolf - 10/28/98 16:02:29
My URL:http://www.ladywolf.com
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Thank you so much for inviting me to visit. I really enjoyed all your poems and the section titled LOVE.*smiles*

Ferds - 10/26/98 08:55:59
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Athens/Agora/4129
My Email:fesquilo@pacific.net.ph

Hello Dywin. Your page is very good considering that you're only starting to learn HTML. I also got hooked to tinkering with mine but has no time to do it much now. The satisfaction you feel knowing that you've finished something and you now have interne presence is enough compensation I think. :) I liked your thoughts and poems. And you're right. The word "best friend" becomes something special when you have a friend you can call one. Cheers and keep in touch when you're free.

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10/25/98 12:08:03
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Just surfing. Thanks.

JJ - 10/21/98 03:12:20
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Hi, nice page you got here! I hope you keep up the good work cause it looks cool. Maybe you could visit my site when you got the time. That would be great, thanks!

Dan - 10/04/98 13:58:18
My Email:lee@aol.cm

Just drop by. Your site look great! Good luck.

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