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Barony Business Meetings:

February 6               Glenville Public Library

March 6                  Guilderland






September 5, 2001         Glenville Public Library

October 3, 2001           Albany Public Library

November 7, 2001          Schenectady Public Library

December 5, 2001          Glenville Library

Map to Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church 2298 Western Ave Guilderland, NY

Map to Albany Public Library 161 Washington Ave. Albany, NY

Map to Glenville Public Library 20 Glenridge Rd. Glenville, NY

Map to Schenectady Public Library 99 Clinton St. Schenectady, NY

Map to Guilderland Public Library 2298 Western Ave Guilderland, NY

Minutes from meetings are available at the Abacuswave site

Archery Practice:
Royal rounds, etc. are by appointment at Rakowana Archers Inc. Helderberg Workshop grounds Picard Rd., Voorheesville, NY.

Because of club rules, each archer must be accompanied by a member, therefore appointments are necessary.

For appointments or information contact:

There are also now practices on Sundays at the home of Macsen and Deonna. Interested archers should contact Macsen for details at

Armor Workshop:
Armor-making workshops are by appointment with Baron Soiichiro who is able to meet with people on Wednesday evenings.

For more information contact:

Arts and Sciences:
Arts and Sciences workshops meet every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 7pm at 124 Hines Hall, Siena College. Hines Hall is the building closest to the corner of Route 9 and Springstreet Road. Park and enter at the back. There will be an SCA sign on the entry door.

Come learn something new or bring a current project (sewing, leatherwork, beadwork, calligraphy, curiousity, anything (within reason)), share ideas and learn.

Next meetings:

  • Febryary 26 - Nalbinding. An early one-needle form of knitting/crochet, led by Mistress Brighid.
  • March 12 and 26 - Construct, warp and weave with a rigid hettle loom. Led by Lorita de Siena, with Lord Seamus assisting.

Other planned topics include fletching/arrow-making and reed-pen cutting and basic caligraphy.

Sewing workshops are by appointment with Baroness Lucia. Contact Her Excellency if you're interested.

For more information contact:

The Honorable Company of Brewers and Fermenters of Concordia of the Snows:
Meetings are held on Sunday evenings, roughly every other month.

Next Meetings:

  • 10 Feb 02 7pm @ Lord Sheldon's - Mead yeast comparison and Cinnamon cordial
  • 21 April - To Be Announced
  • 19 May - To Be Announced

  • Run by:

    Cantus Concordia - Choral Group:
    Polyphonic (multi-part) vocal arrangements, both from period sources and original pieces written in period styles, with or without instrumental accompanyment.
    Cantus Concordia vocal group will meet most Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm at Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church, 2298 Western Ave. Guilderland, NY. MAP.

    We need Voices! Please come sing with us! No auditions here. Contact Lady Bryanna here for info.

    Conducted by:

    Cooking Group:
    Meetings are held monthly, with different topics each month.

    Next meetings:

  • For more information contact:

    Dance Practice:
    Joint Concordia-Anglespur Dance Practice is held every Thursday, usually while school is in session, and sometimes when it isn't.

    < ! located at the corners of 15th Street and College Avenue >

    RPI schedule can be viewed at

    Practices are on Monday evenings, with fight practice in Schenectady.

    For more information contact:

    Heavy Weapons Practice:
    Has returned to TNT Wrestling 1752 State St Schenectady across from Expert Collision. Policy change: TNT wrestling has asked that we contribute $3.00 per attending person for rental of the site with a mimimum of $25.00 / night. We are asking that those in attendance contribute so that we may maintain the use of TNT wrestling as an indoor practice site. Thank you. Practices are held on Mondays at 6:00 pm except for the following dates: December 24 & 31, 2001 January 21, 2002


    Anglespur Fight Practice

    Anglespur practices are on Sunday afternoons, 3pm till 6pm, in Troy, in the basement of the RPI Armory, while RPI is in session. All are welcome.

    There will be no practices at the Armory on the following dates:


    RPI schedule can be viewed at

    Thespians in the Snow
    Readings and performances of pieces written by authors who lived in period.

    Thespians in the Snow are on hyatus presently.

    Vox Nives - Instrumental Ensemble
    Harpers and woodwinds and more! Oh, my!

    Meetings to be held:

      Vox Nives instrumental group will be meeting every first and third Monday of the month, 7:30-9pm at Lady Faoiltigearna's. Contact her at 272-7180 for information.

    Conducted by:

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