Determining The Sex of Quakers?

It has been suggested that the sex of Quaker parrots can be determined by observing the shape of their foreheads. The males, it is believed, have raised foreheads--a more pronounced crown, whereas the females have a more gentle slope from the forehead up across the crown.

If you have a Quaker who's sex has been determined by DNA tests, by proven breeding pairs or laying eggs, please tell us if the test results agree or disagree with the head shape theory.

As of sEPT. 30, 2008 I've receive 64 replies from individuals who own one or more Quakers that have been DNA tested or who's sex is known from breeding pairs or egg laying. The results thus far from 92 Quakers:

82 cases where the proven sex agrees with the head shape theory
10 cases where the proven sex disagrees with the head shape theory

Based upon information received there is a clear division among breeders concerning the head shape theory. More than one breeder stated they use the head shape theory consistently, along with other visible signs, to match up prospective pairs, while others, some with decades of breeding experience, say they can detect no consistent visible differences between the sexes. In summary, the head shape theory remains an open question. I will continue to tally and post additional information as it becomes available.

Other visible signs? One breeder stated they use the forehead theory in connection with two other factors to determine sex in Quakers for matching pairs. First they note males have a wider beak while the female's is more narrow. Second, they observe how the birds stand on their perch, finding a wide stance for females and a tighter stance for males.

In April 2007 it was brought to my attention that another method has also been suggested for determining the sex of green Quakers. Male green Quakers it is believed will often have a couple of blue feathers blending in with the green feathers along the back whereas female green Quakers have all green feathers.

Regrettably, due to declining health I can no longer maintain this web site. Thus, I am making the contents of this site, both HTML code and graphics, freely available to anyone who wishes to use such content on their own Quaker Parrot web pages.

--Dale Mann, Feb. 2009

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