Seth Quotes Chapter 13

Seth: "The ego at any give time in this life is simply the part of the inner self that surfaces in physical reality; a group of characteristics that the inner self uses to solve various problems."

"Each of you exists in other realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity."

"Within the self that you know is the prime identity, the whole self. This whole self has lived many lives and adopted many personalities. Personality may be somewhat molded by the circumstances that are created for it by the whole self but the prime identity uses the resulting experience."

"Your prime identity is an energy essence personality which is composed of energy gestalts. As each individual consciousness grows, out of its experience it forms other 'personalities' or fragments of itself. These fragments are entirely independent as to action and decision, while constantly in communication with the whole self of which they are a part. These 'fragments' themselves grow, develop, and may form their own entities or 'personality gestalts.'"

"You have constant contact with the other parts of your whole self, but your ego is so focused upon physical reality and survival within it that you do not hear the inner voices. No individuality is ever lost. It is always in existence."

"There is an inner ego, an inner self which organizes 'unconscious' material. As the outer ego manipulates within the physical environment, so the inner ego or self organizes and manipulates within inner reality."

"It is this inner self, out of massive knowledge and the unlimited scope of its consciousness, that forms the physical world and provides the stimuli to keep the outer ego at the job of awareness. The inner self organizes, initiates, projects and controls the transformation of psychic energy into matter and objects."

"The individual inner self, through constant effort of great intensity, cooperates with other entities like itself to form and maintain the physical reality that you know."

"The inner self has a virtually infinite reservoir from which to draw knowledge and experience. All kinds of choices are available, and the diversity of physical matter is a reflection of this deep source and variety."

"Having determined upon physical reality as a dimension in which it will express itself, the inner self, first of all, takes care to form and maintain the physical basis upon which all else must depend --the properties of the earth that can be called the natural ones."

"It is the daily ego's ignorance and limited focus that makes it view so-called unconscious activity as chaotic. The waking ego (dealing with physical reality) cannot know all the unconscious material directly. The daily ego is simply not conscious enough to be able to contain the vast knowledge that belongs to the inner conscious self from which it springs. The outer ego is spoon-fed, being given only those feelings and emotions, only that data, that it can handle. This data is presented in a highly specialized manner, usually in terms of information picked up by the physical senses."

"The inner self is not only conscious, but conscious of itself, both as an individuality and as an individuality that is a part of all other consciousness. It is continually aware of both this apartness and unity-with. The outer ego is not continuously aware of this fact. It frequently forgets its 'whole' nature."

"When it becomes swept up in a strong emotion it seems to lose itself. When it most vigorously maintains its sense of individuality, it is no longer aware of unity-with. If the ego were aware of the constant barrage of telepathic communications that do impinge upon it, it would have a most difficult time retaining a sense of identity."

"You must learn to listen to the voice of the inner self and work with it. You may also simply ask the inner self to make the answers to problems available on a conscious basis."

"Now, if you realize that you create your physical reality through your own thoughts and desires, then you have learned the most important aspects of reality. This is what you have been setting out to do in your other lives, in your past existences. The realization of these truths nullifies any so-called "debts" from other lives. When you realize this and act upon it, there is no reason for you to come back here again unless you want to. Any of your difficulties in past lives were caused because you did not realize these basic truths. Your reincarnational pasts can help you if you know of them. . .only if they make these truths evident to you, only if you learn from them. Otherwise, they exist within you subconsciously--and unconsciously, in any case."

"Now, each of you is a part of All That Is, highly individual and unique, like no other; and that like no-other-ness will never be taken from you. You will not melt into some great golden bliss in which your characteristics will disappear. You will not be gobbled by a super-god. On the other hand, you will continue to exist; you will continue to be responsible for the way in which you use energy; you will expand in ways now impossible for you to understand. You will learn to command energy of which you now do not know. You will realize that you are more than you realize you are now, but you will not lose the state of which you are now aware."

"And regardless of the fact of reincarnation, and regardless of probable selves, the unique self that you now call "yourself" has eternal validity, even though the memories that you cannot now consciously recall will be yours in their entirety. And physical life in a reincarnational self is not some chaos thrust upon you, some evil from which you must shortly hope to escape. It is a particular reality in which you have chosen to know your existence, in which you have chosen to develop yourself; and again, it is indeed a system like no other system--a unique and dear and beloved portion of reality in which you have chosen to flourish for a while. And in denying it, again, you deny the reality of experience."

"In other terms, you will leave this system for others, but there will be a portion of you yet, no matter how many eons pass, that remembers a spring evening and a smell of autumn air And those things will always be with you when you want them. You make your own flesh and your own world, as now en masse you form the evening. These are creations of yours, and of your kind. They are not prisons to be escaped from."

"The whole self is involved not only in this reality, but in other realities. The whole self sends a portion of itself into various realities. These portions of the whole self are to learn to materialize as best they can the strength and energy as they know it in whatever camouflage they find themselves. The whole self gives you, therefore, a responsibility--and it leaves it mainly up to you."

"The whole self gives you help at times, for within you is the knowledge of your connection with the whole self. And you are never given a chore more difficult than your abilities [can handle]."

"When the artist paints a painting, you can look at it and say, "Ah, the artist was in a certain frame of mind," or, " Look at the dull colors and the dreary landscape," or, "Look at the wild colors and the fantastic forms," or, "See, there is no form, and yet there is marvelous vitality." And so are each of you artists, and you create the world that you know. And when you look at the world, you know that you can say, "Look, this is what I have created! And if you do not like what you see, then there is no point in ripping apart the painting, or ripping apart the framework of your life. Instead, you change your pigments. And in this case, your pigments are your thoughts and your imagination. And then you change your painting."

"You must image that within yourself--for this is the truth--there is a stronger and more powerful self, a larger self. And when the "little" self says, "I am afraid, and I will make excuses," you must imagine the larger self saying, "I am strong. I will not allow the smaller self to make excuses. There is no need for them." You must identify with this larger portion of yourself."

"There are no divisions to the self. Those that you experience are illusions. Yet, those illusions are lovely. They are creative. They are valid experiences of reality."

"You are over concerned, however, about the nature of your own individuality, and afraid to open up to the greater areas of your own being. You are all of your selves at once. The aviator is not swallowed or lost or annihilated or betrayed or forgotten."

"For the inner self knows who it is. The inner self knows the personalities that constantly emerge from its own being. And again, you are simply, understandably, trying to define the nature of creativity, and worried lest your own individuality be lost within it. And such is not the case."

"We will lead you gently into the greater areas of your own being, in which your seeming contradictions vanish in the light of your own knowledge."

"You listen to these words that are spoken in English, yet beneath the words rises a knowledge that is inherent in your own being. Let that knowledge then joyfully rise, and when the words that I speak reach you, then will indeed the verbs and the nouns, the vowels and the syllables, turn into birds of knowledge that fly out of your own skulls and through the dreams of your night time, and transform your days."

"If I do no more than this, let me be an echo for the energy of your own being and remind you of your ancient and ever new knowledge. Emerge out of the knowledge of your selves, and translate what you know into the world of flesh."