Seth Quotes Chap.17

Seth Quotes Chapter 17

Seth: "Now I bless you, but the blessings must come from yourselves. The real blessings must come from yourselves. You must realize that you are one with All That Is, and within you is the only one who can give blessing, and you must be willing to accept the blessing that only you can give, and the joy that only you can give to yourselves and to one another.

"There should never be a word in any language that means repentance. There should only be a word that means, I bless; for when you bless, you do not need to repent. For when you accept a blessing, there is nothing to repent. Love of All That Is requires simply that you become open as air, for when you are open as air then joy of all that is flows through you indiscriminately, and there is nothing to repent. You only need repentance when you do not know joy. For within joy and within all that is there is only glory, consciousness and song. There is only blessedness.

"When you berate yourself for your sins, then you do not realize what joy is. Do you berate a flower that has one crooked stem? So in yourselves, know spontaneity and in spontaneity you will find joy. Spontaneity has its own discipline. You do not need to enforce discipline upon it."