Seth Quotes Chapter 9

Seth: "If you cut your finger, it is no accident. If you stub your toe, it is no accident. If you come down with the flu, or with a virus, it is no accident. If you have a chronic physical difficulty, it is no accident. If you are creative, it is no accident. If you get good news, it is no accident. If lovely things happen to you, it is no accident either.

"You form your reality, and this applies all the way up or down the scale, from the consciousness you now have to the tiniest molecule in the tiniest eyelash on your body. It is only when you are not willing to face consciously your own beliefs, and face them through and make distinctions, that seemingly unconscious accidents occur: when all of a sudden you are not as quick as you should be; or, when all of a sudden, your reactions are not as good; when a car comes that should not be there. Each of you have your own ways, and an event that seems horrendous from the outside--from the inside, from your private viewpoints, may be something else entirely.

"You can rid yourself of any illness when you realize that you create and draw such illness to yourself. What you fear most, you draw to yourselves. Now, if you decide to leave this world, that is your right; go in joy and vitality, but go because you know you decided to leave, and not as a victim of a disease that has been given a name. On the other hand if you decide you want to continue to live, then live in your full glory and strength. If you decide to live, then tell yourself you want to live and know the reasons, and your body will repair itself in joy and glory. You are not a victim!

"While such situations as illness are chosen by the personality, the individual is always left to work out its own solution. Complete recovery, illness, or early death are not preordained on the part of the entity [or whole self]. The general situation is set up in response to deep inner involvements. The problem is a challenge set up by the entity for one of its own personalities, but the outcome is up to the personality involved. One does not choose illness per se for a lifetime situation.

"The inner self, as distinguished from the more accessible subconsciousness, is aware of the situation and finds release through frequent inner communications where successes are remembered and reexperienced. The dream state becomes an extremely vivid time, for such experiences assure the personality of its larger nature. It knows it is more than the self that it has for a time chosen to be. You need to learn the power of thought and emotion. Once you realize that your thoughts form reality, then you are no longer a slave to events.

"True self-knowledge is indispensable for health and vitality. The recognition of the truth about the self simply means that you must first find out what you think about yourself subconsciously. If it is a good image, build upon it. If it is a poor one, recognize it as only the opinion you have held of yourself and not an 'absolute state.'"

"You are not your emotions. They flow through you, you feel them and then they disappear. When you try to hold them back they build up."

"You must learn to trust your own spontaneous nature. Your nervous system knows how to react. It reacts spontaneously when you allow it to....In spontaneity there is a discipline that utterly escapes you, and an order beyond any that you know. Spontaneity knows its own order."