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      My association with State of Israel Bonds has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The People, Places and Purpose of this mission defies description. To meet Israel's Prime Ministers, Generals and Diplomats; leaders of American and Canadian Government, Industry and Entertainment....Visits to Paris and talking with Mayor Chirac, Rabbi Kaplan and Baron de Rothschild...Associating with Canadian giants like Sam, Allan and Charles Bronfman, D.Lou Harris, Rabbi Sidney Shoham, Rubin Zimmerman and J-Louis Levesque; working with Chaim Lewin, Peter Shannan, Moe Appel and Julius Briskin....Visiting the Suez Canal, Hebron, Gaza Strip and Israel Aviation Industry factories. so many impressive people and memorable sites ....and a realization of how Israel Bonds helped build a Nation and Union.

        I have related some of the scenes that I have witnessed and have most impressed me, and apologize to the stalwarts across Canada who should have also been recognized . They and tens of thousand Israel Bond Buyers know who they are and what they have done.                                                                                                                         (Seymour Aron)


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