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Circle 786 is located in the historic city of Gretna, Louisiana

Please allow us to tell you about ourselves.

The Columbian Squires is the youth program of the Knights of Columbus.We are an international order composed of catholic boys between the ages of 12 and 18.

Marian Circle 786 was founded by Archbishop Blenk Council 1905,During the Marian year(The year of Mary) on December        
Circle 786 is the third oldest and active Circle in the state of Louisiana.                                       

Our charter Chief squire was Richard Gauthreaux and the charter Chief Counsellors were: Arthur Gaspard, PGK and          
Walter Tallieu,PGK.                                              
Over the years, Circle 786 has participated in many activities and sports events on the state level,which  include basketball,softball, horseshoes, volleyball and bowling.
In addition to sports, Circle 786 participated in Quarterly communions, Palm Sundays processions,Family socials and picnics, and collected food and clothing for the needy. The circle also has assisted in performing chores for
the elderly,and The circle also helps to raise money yearly for the Muscular dystrophy Association.                                    
Marian Circle 786 has seen many of its members and Counselors go on to serve on the state level.
786 has had four of it's members serve as State Chief Squire.
Circle 786 has had several of its members go on to other positions on the state level.      
We have also had two counsellors serve as State Squire Chairman for four      
Marian Circle 786 was Ranked #1 in the state during the years of in 1989-91.         

On the National level, Circle 786 has won the Corps-de-Elite     
award on many occasions  and they have won the Prestigious       
Brother Barnabas Award given to outstanding circles by the       
Supreme Council twice.                                          
Some of Circle 786 members have attained local and National      
Celebrity status: namely, Richard Gauthreaux, better known as    
"Jay Richards", and Frank Guzzo, better known as "Frankie        

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