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How to Become a Silver Member

(1) Make sure that you have a site which shows a sincere interest in Objectivism, excludes foul language, pornography,(yes, you have the right to both foul language and pornography, but I have the right to exclude you from my ring on such grounds), and expresses your thoughts in a civil manner (for example, does not include the use of ad hominem attacks).

For those who require a more detailed guide, please click here.

(2) Fill-out the "Become a Member"-form by clicking on the word "join" in any set of ring links.

(3) After filling out the form, you should almost immediately receive an "queue-confirmation" emailing telling you that you are in the queue, but not on the ring. In the same emailing, you should also receive an assigned site number and some html-code.

At this point, copy the site-specific html-code (which you will have received in the "queue-confirmation" emailing) You will now need to add the code to the webpage whose address you entered while filling out the "Become a Member"-form. Please add the code to your page as is. Please be sure and add the ring's graphic to the same directory as the page.

(4) Go to any page where you can see the ring-shaped set of links. If just below the links, the author is listed as a gold member, then he is designated as someone who may add you to the ring if he chooses. His email address should be included with his designation as a gold member. Email a courteous request to be added to the ring to the author of that page.

NOTE: Please be sure to include your name and site number (the latter of which you received in the "queue-confirmation" emailing).

(5) The author of that page should either add you, or write a courteous but brief letter to you explaining why he did not add you at this time. Wait perhaps a day.

(6) If he did not add you, you may try changing the page or site in accordance with whatever recommendations he offered, and then email him again. But please note that he is not obligated to add you even if you conform to the requirements of the ring. Alternatively, if you regard his recommendations as excessive, please contact someone else who is a gold member (that is, a ring member who is listed as a gold member with his ring links). If he doesn't sponsor you, please contact me, and if I believe that your site will be of genuine value to other Objectivists and find that it has the html-code mentioned above, I will personally add it to the ring.

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Join [Become a Member of the Ring]

NOTE: When your site is ready to be added to the ring, please...

Contact: OR

any other gold member of The Objectivist Ring.

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How to Become a Gold Member:

(1) Become a Silver Member by means of the steps listed above.

(2) Make sure that you are willing to fulfill the responsibilities associated with being a Gold Member.

(3) Change the word "silver" to the word "gold" in the html code for your ring links.

(4) Assume the title and responsibilites of a Gold Member.

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The Responsibilities of a Gold Member:

(1) To check out the pages of those who ask for membership within a reasonable amount of time;

(2) To either add the pages of those who ask for membership (a letter which you will receive-- upon becoming a member of the ring-- will tell you how to do so) or write a courteous letter explaining why you have chosen not to add them at this time, in accordance with your own judgment (while making sure that those who you add do in fact have the proper html-code in their pages, and that their site demonstrates a sincere interest in the philosophy of Objectivism);

[for those who require a more detailed guide, please click here]

(3) To report problems or abuses of the ring to the Moderator. NOTE: lack of civility-- such as ad hominem attacks-- may be regarded as an abuse. Furthermore, the existence of foul language or pornography at a site must be regarded as an abuse. Abuses of the ring may constitute grounds for removal from the ring.

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Including More than One Site:

(1) Make sure that the sites do not duplicate one-another to any large extent;

(2) Make sure that each site individually fulfills the requirements for being on the ring.

(3) Add the first site as mentioned above. Feel free to add other sites of yours (up to two more) as your own sponsor so long as they meet the requirements.

(4) Note that the number of individuals you may sponsor entry into the ring for is unlimited. Invite as many friends to enter their sites into the ring as you like, and feel free to add them to the ring so long as they meet the requirements.

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